“Schoolchildren read the newspaper” via video switch

The 8 d students at the Roman fort in Bad Kreuznach had prepared themselves well and asked the editor Helena Sender-Petry clever questions.

This time pupils read the newspaper via video switch: The pupils from the 8d high school at the Römerkastell asked editor Helena Sender-Petry their questions.
(Photo: Isabel Mittler)

BAD KREUZNACH – There’s something about it when everyone applauds as a greeting and nobody hears it. Dr. Manuela Schotte first explain to the AZ editor where the tiny virtual hands can be seen, which Helena Sender-Petry greeted friendly. That’s right, this time “students read newspapers” went over the stage via video switch. And to anticipate it: The students of the 8 d of the Gymnasium am Römerkastell, the teacher and the journalist really enjoyed it.

The young people had of course prepared for this somewhat different lesson, they were not at a loss for questions that Sender-Petry should and wanted to answer. For example, how quickly information and news are posted on the Internet, how long it takes for an article to “go online”. The pupils learned that this newspaper has its own online editorial team, also known as the online desk, where news from all VRM editorial offices in Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse is sorted, rated and immediately marketed. “Basically everything that is in the print edition can also be found online,” promised Sender-Petry. But how long does it take to write an article? “It’s not that easy to answer. Because everyone in the editorial team has their own pace. Sometimes it takes a long time because the research effort is great, ”says the editor. The eighth graders wanted to know what happened at a press conference, whether Sender-Petry had already worked abroad or how long the working hours were in the editorial office. The students were not even aware that they work on Sundays because a newspaper is put in the mailbox on Mondays.

“Would you choose this job again?” One girl wanted to know. Sender-Petry didn’t have to think twice: “Yes. In any case. I have never regretted this decision. ”


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