January 2, 2020

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Schumacher and the humans | sports

Last Sunday, six years after Michael Schumacher's terrible accident at Meribel's alpine station, one of those misfortunes that, put to experts from the outside world, we all agreed later that it could have been avoided. “First everything was dramatic, then everything was confusing, then everything was secret and in the end everything was silent”, Juan Tallón would write about that in this same header. The seven-time world champion was talked about again because one of his sons, Mick, had just proclaimed himself champion of European Formula 3, and today he invited the memory exercises: this is how we realized that the idol sporting to which legions of fans idolized as a god, it had become something like a ghost.

Since then, and from time to time, we find some informative echo about his state of health that does not always help to understand what really happens. Sensationalism also feeds on the good wishes of the viewer and on few occasions we wanted to believe that everything was in a bad dream. The headlines tell us about experimental treatments with stem cells, recovery of consciousness, family life, and our good faith takes care of putting the rest. We want to believe and we believe that Schumacher has come out of the coma, that recognizes his people, that he watches television and enjoys the evolution of his children, but the truth is that we do not know anything for sure, we just interpret the messages – often contradictory – they reach us. The last of them was launched by his wife a few days ago, through a website created by a group of fans under the name of Keep Fighting Michael. “Great things always start with small steps. Many small particles can form a large mosaic. ”, Corinna said in his enigmatic message.

If what the pilot's wife insinuates, we could find ourselves before one of those Christmas miracles that the spectator likes so much to taste. It would not be the first in these years of so much news and so little information, on the other hand. When two years of the accident were completed, a German magazine announced that Schumacher was walking again and there were few of us who were sincerely happy about it, and we even gave his health in the pantagruleic family meals. Then we learned that reality was very far from the headline and, as in the story of Pedro and the wolf, we began to doubt any news that invited optimism as a simple sentimental protection mechanism.

And, deep down, Michael Schumacher's story is not only that of the idol reached by misfortune, nor a mere fable of overcoming, but the real quest for hope for others, for all those who, in a way other, they are overwhelmed by life and need any nail to cling to, some exceptional fact to believe in. Objectively, we all wish the best for Schumi. Subjectively, it is in ourselves that we are thinking. And it is good that this is so, because if we relate the fans to our idols in something, it is that we are all, happy or unhappily, human.

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