Schumer Trump calls on president ‘to do nothing as the game continues to blame after the White House meeting


Charles E. Schumer (DN.Y., Senate Minority Leader) gave a flavor of the President Trump on Thursday as “president of a margin, a scribe, nothing to do”, as the war of words was poured into the second day over a meeting. the nation's infrastructure was canceled.

During the morning television appearance, Schumer said that “the show” which Trump held on Wednesday as “enriching” the inability of his administration was working with Congress on statutory priorities as infrastructure.

“If he was smart, he didn't sit down with us,” Schumer said of MSNBC's “Morning Joe”. “We want to do this and can't do it.”

His comments come as both Democrats and the Republican president try to blame before what could be a thin record of legislative achievements in the remaining year and a half before the November 2020 elections.

Expectations for cooperation on major issues were evident at a low point after Trump walked sympathetically for Wednesday's White House meeting with Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) And other Democrats and he argued that they he would work with his party if they did not leave their inquiries about his affairs, his presidential and personal finances.

In the compilation of tweets after the change and again on Thursday mornings, Trump tried to represent the Democrats as an obstacle to cooperation on infrastructure, prescription drug costs and other issues.

In one tweet, he branded the Democrats “THE PARTNERS DO NOT DO!”

“The Democrats haven't done anything in the Conference. All their efforts relate to the Remaking of the Mueller Report, which they did not want, ”wrote Trump.

He referred to the report by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III in the Russian submission at the 2016 presidential election. The House of Democrats are continuing to ascertain whether Trump was trying to prevent the investigation. and are rooted in the deception of the White House in response to associated sub-freshwater and other probes of administration.

“It's all the time they plan to do, six committees, than time time, day after day, trying to find anything bad for me,” Trump said Thursday. “A fishing trip like this never happened before, and it shouldn't happen again!” T

The Home Democrats, including health care, ethics reform and consumer protections, have passed many high profile pieces of legislation, but the bills have not been accepted by the Republicans.

During his presence in the Rose Garden on Wednesday after he canceled the meeting with the Democrats, Trump was talking about Pelosi's allegation earlier that morning that he is ordering his officers with subcoenas conjugate his duck as part of his own misconduct.

In Wednesday night's late night tweets, Pelosi's Trump aimed to characterize his behavior as a “tight knot” in a letter to the Home Democrats earlier in the day.

“In a letter to her House colleagues, Nancy Pelosi said:‘ President Trump had very tension to see us all. 'This is not true,' wrote Trump. “I was very polite and calm, especially as I was a minute later with the press in the Rose Garden. It can be easily created. It's all a lie! ”

In his MSNBC interview, Schumer argued that the inability of the president to work with the Democrats in Congress would “lead to Donald Trump's adverse impact” as next year's election approach.

“Ultimately, Donald Trump ran a campaign and how he won the election (in 2016). . . changing your life, doing things that do things better for you, ”Schumer said. “Now seeing people, more and more people, it's not doing anything. And he doesn't understand what liability is. Not only is the presidency a truth show, and if you don't get things for the American people, they're trying to make a change again. ”

When asked at another point in the interview if he thinks Trump is a competent President, Schumer said no.

In the case of a separate MSNBC interview, Steny H. Hoyer, Majority of the House (D-Md.) Suggested that Trump was a difficult person to negotiate.

“Actually, the sad thing is too many cases where I am sitting with the president in the White House. . . when he says one thing and the interpretation lasts for a moment, for hours, maybe a few days at most, and then changes the position, ”he said.

Hoyer was also critical of Trump's decision to end the meeting on infrastructure suddenly.

“What we saw yesterday was refusing to take charge,” said Hoyer. “He abandoned any leadership, no desire to proceed, any constructive engagement with the US Congress.”

In explaining Trump's decision, Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary, informed Pelosi of a meeting earlier that morning when the Democratic Party of the House spoke about the possibility of making an inquiry against Trump. Pelosi caused “mercy” because she left that meeting.

“That they have a meeting an hour before they come to the White House where Nancy Pelosi literally cuts the president of crime and wants to walk into his office and sit down with him as if nothing had happened. . . . That is the insanity. Not worth it in the field of feasibility, ”Sanders said during the appearance of CNN.

Sanders also caused Pelosi to have “lost full control over the party,” which suggests that the liberal Democratic members of the cocaine are trying to push it into safety events.

“At some point, she has to decide what direction she wants to take,” Sanders said.

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