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Science for health and wellness

The evolution of biomedical scientific research allowed humanity to quickly have a variety of vaccines against the covid-19 virus, to the point of significantly reducing morbidity and mortality rates in the world. Strategies for the promotion, prevention and cure of this pathology have also been tested. Regarding prevention, the permanent use of the mask and social distancing are essential since it has been determined that the main route of transmission is by aerosols expelled by coughing and speaking.

The creation of a mouthwash that reduces the viral load of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by more than 99.99%, thanks to the action of two of its components: D-limonene and CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride), recently made world news. One of the managers of this patented formula developed by the Brix Medical Science laboratory is the dentist Enrique Jadad Bechara, who, at the beginning of the pandemic, went to the Simón Bolívar University, in Barranquilla, to test and verify the effectiveness of the mouthwash. Indeed, in an investigation by scientists from the Laboratory of Genetics, Virology and Molecular Biology of this institution, led by PhD. Antonio Acosta, in alliance with experts from Spain, Mexico, Italy and the United States, which was published in the specialized magazine Healthcare, from Switzerland, describes the verification of its efficacy through a biochemical test that compared it with different products on the market. The results showed that mouthrinse with D-limonene and CPC reduces the viral load in the mouth for up to 5 hours; today it is produced in Mexico and Argentina and, according to reports in the media, the firm is already preparing an eye product with similar technology.

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The invention and verification of this new tool to combat the virus is a palpable example of the transcendental impact of the articulation of the academy with the business sector, with a vision in which attention to social demands prevails. Likewise, it ratifies the relevance and importance of the relationship and collaborative work between scientists from different countries, as a method to enhance research through the exchange of knowledge and the validation of projects and developments.

In its historical course, university centers went from being transmitters of knowledge among restricted groups to becoming dynamic and open spaces and sources of new knowledge, aware of their social responsibility. As the expert in higher education, Philiph Albatch, describes it well, the contemporary university is “the most important institution in the complex process of knowledge and not only houses the basic sciences but also gives rise to journals, books and databases to communicate knowledge throughout the world.

Today, when we live in an unprecedented health situation, the joint work of the university, the business community and the social sector is more than necessary as a pillar of sustainable development.

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