Scientists are already dreading the third wave

While the French population is still in confinement to face the second wave of Covid-19, some specialists are already thinking about the strategy to adopt for the third. Indeed, according to them, there is a good chance that France will be affected a third time by the coronavirus.

Covid-19 in France: the third wave expected

Despite a slight improvement in the circulation of the virus, the pandemic of Covid-19 is far from over. While the government is determined to avoid this third wave, some observers believe it will be inevitable. A few days ago, Frédéric Valletoux, president of the Hospital Federation of France, asked the government to clarify the conditions of deconfinement. Many other scientists also believe that a stronger strategy is needed to deal with the epidemic.

For his part, Professor Amouyel also dreads the moment of deconfinement. « To avoid a possible third wave, we must learn from the experiences of the past and put in place tools that prevent epidemic outbreaks.“, He explained. He fears in particular a relaxation of the behavior of the French, and therefore a third wave of Covid-19.

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Some countries are already facing the third wave

Countries are currently experiencing the full brunt of a third wave of Covid-19. This is particularly the case of United States, where it started in some states, before spreading across the country. Similar situation to Japan, where the Japanese authorities refuse to adopt restrictive measures. In South Korea, the situation also becomes complicated. So let’s hope for France that the “deconfinement” goes well.

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Posted by Quentin on 20 Nov 2020

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