Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Scientists forced the fruit fly to ejaculate or drink ethanol

Fruit flies enjoy ejaculation, Israeli scientists found. If they can not get sexual satisfaction, then in pursuit of pleasant sensations begin to use ethanol. The researchers told about the discovery in the journal Current Biology .

Studying the work of the reward system in the brain, scientists deduced a line of genetically modified fruit flies, the ejaculation of which could be caused by exposure to red light. They put flies in a container, one side of which was lit by a red lamp. Also, they were also populated with genetically engineered flies. Slightly shaking the container, scientists observed the movement of insects.


Genetically modified flies, unlike usual, always tried to get close to the illuminated part of the container. In addition, when flies were given several food options, sexually satisfied insects chose simple sugar. But flies from the control group, unable to ejaculate under a red lamp, were more interested in fermented food containing ethanol.

Ejaculation resulted in the release of neuropeptide F, which causes a feeling of satisfaction. Apparently, unchanged genetically flies, not being able to experience sexual pleasure, were looking for a different source of pleasure.

The principle of the remuneration system is the same for all animals, the researchers explain. They hope that the results can be used to treat alcoholism in humans.

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