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Scientists have created a vaccine against cancer

Finnish scientists have found that tetanus vaccination has a positive effect on the body’s ability to fight cancer. Using the data, researchers developed and tested a cancer vaccine. It is reported by Cancer Research.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki in experiments on mice found that a vaccinated body has a stronger immune response, including to cancer cells that infected experimental mice.

The effect of immunization itself is that when meeting with a viral, bacterial protein or toxin, immune T cells remember the structure of the pathogen and respond with a weak primary immune response. But when the pathogen appears in the body again, T cells respond with a much stronger secondary immunity and defeat the disease.

Finnish researchers have combined tetanus toxoid with tumor proteins, thus obtaining the anti-cancer vaccine PeptiCRAd. When it was introduced into the organism of mice previously grafted from tetanus, the organism of the experimental animal infected with cancer immediately developed strong secondary immunity against the tumor and defeated oncology.

Recall IA REGNUM reported that French scientists suggested using safe rotavirus vaccines as an anti-cancer medicine.

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