Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Scientists have described the oldest case of trepanation of the skull cows

French scientists were able to describe one of the oldest methods of trepanation of the animal’s skull.

It is reported that during the excavations in the 80s of the last century archeologists discovered a trephined skull of a cow, whose age is estimated at 5000 years. At that time, scientists did not pay enough attention to the damage in the skull, writing it off by the fact that the hole formed as a result of a collision with another animal.

A recent study has shown that a person in the skull made a trepanation. As evidence, experts cite the fact that around the hole there is no inflammation focus, which usually occurs in an accidental collision with another cloven-hoofed horned animal.

Scientists believe that ancient people trepanized the skull in order to save the animal or vice versa in order to save the cow from a painful death. A version of the fact that a person trained on an animal is also possible, before proceeding to trepanation of the skull in humans.

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