Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Scientists have found a product that reduces the risk of death from most diseases

Chinese scientists conducted a study in which it was found that a large number of fish in the diet can reduce mortality in men and women.

This helped to clarify the work, which involved more than 420 thousand people, and the study itself lasted 16 years.

Doctors have long known that fish and products containing omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3-PUFA) are beneficial to the body. Doctors often recommend diets based on seafood.

These foods are rich in protein, and also contain important fatty acids that are involved in metabolism. If your diet contains fish and other seafood on a regular basis, it significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The benefits of seafood have been proven more than once, but scientists have never conducted a study to identify the relationship between fish consumption and omega-3-PUFA and life expectancy. Recently, Chinese scientists from Zhejiang University published a large amount of material devoted to this topic.

In their work, scientists analyzed medical records of 421,309 people (240,729 men and 180,580 women). Also, the researchers specified the diet of participants.

The survey showed that men on average consumed 14.56 grams of fish per day, and women – 10.89 grams. For 16 years of research, 54,000 men and nearly 31,000 women who participated in the study died from various causes.

The consumption of large quantities of fish and omega-3-PUFAs was associated with reduced mortality, clarify researchers.

Scientists explained that men who consumed more fish compared to other participants, died 10% less of cardiovascular diseases and 37% of liver diseases.

Among women, the following trend was observed: those who often ate fish 38% less likely to die from Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia).

In the course of the study, scientists also found that the method of cooking fish also influenced mortality, but only in women. Participants who consumed mostly fried fish had a higher risk of mortality from all diseases compared to women who cooked or cooked fish.

For men this dependence was not found.

The authors concluded that consumption of fish and omega-3-PUFA positively affects health and reduces the risk of death from various causes. Scientists have reminded that omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids are contained not only in fish, but also in other foods. For example, in linseed oil, chicken eggs, spinach, Brussels sprouts, seaweed.

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