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The initial assumption that the disease is only pneumonia was wrong. To suffer can be very different organs

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The initial assumption that COVID-19 has a negative impact only on the respiratory system, were incorrect. As reported by Reuters, scientists in different research centers in the United States came to the conclusion that the disease strikes around the human body and its negative consequences can affect for many years.

So, the cardiologist Eric Topol from the California Institute in La JOLLA indicates that the coronavirus and the heart beats and the liver and kidneys. “This is a first we thought it was a respiratory disease. And we even could not think that pneumonia is just the first stage”, – he said. According to him, the negative consequences of the disease can be deteriorating blood clotting, severe headaches, dizziness.

Pandemic coronavirus. The most current at 27 June

Cardiologist sadiya Khan from Chicago also indicates that the negative impact of coronavirus were a surprise to scientists. According to him, if the first doctors were more interested in how to tolerate the disease people with chronic diseases, now it is equally important to understand how the process of restoring those who suffered a coronavirus, not being in the hospital. “Many complain of fatigue, shortness of breath. And it is very difficult to say how much all of this they will last”, – admitted the Deputy head of the us center for disease control Jay Butler. Although on average, the coronavirus is kept in the human body for 2-3 weeks in 10% of cases symptoms persist even when you have a negative test. It is including loss of smell and taste.

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Previously, scientists from California, about the study which were reported by the Financial Times, came to the conclusion that the coronavirus stretches his tentacles from the infected cells, causing disease and spreads throughout the body.

This discovery has allowed scientists to assume that for the disease you can use the drugs that are usually used to treat cancer.


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