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A report published in the scientific journal ‘Frontiers in Conservation Science’ predicted a bleak future for humanity, based on approximately 150 studies describing the changes environmental of the world.

The main reason for the imminent extinction would be the loss of biodiversity and accelerated climate change, which is denied by important international leaders, such as Donald Trump (outgoing president of the United States), Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) and Jair Bolsonaro (President of Brazil).

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And there are data that are worrying. For example, The World Wildlife Fund found in recent research a 68% reduction in the world’s wildlife species. And no, this figure does not correspond to the last 10 or 20 years, but to the last 4.

According to this latest report, pollution, urban sprawl, the use of toxic substances in the manufacture and trade of wild life they are directly responsible.

What future awaits humanity?

During the first days of September 2020, the San Francisco sky was tinted orange by a series of wildfires.

The very Stephen Hawking, a late scientist specializing in physics, assured that the Earth would become “a burning fireball”, referring to the effects of global warming.

This statement was made at the Tencent WE summit in 2017 in Beijing (China), according to the British newspaper ‘Daily News‘.

(Further: 2020, one of the 3 hottest years ever recorded: WMO).

The also cosmologist said that overpopulation will demand an unsustainable amount of energy consumption, which will trigger an exacerbated rise in global temperature.

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For its part, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Ipcc), which includes more than 1,300 scientists from around the world, predicts a temperature increase between 2.5 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. The reason for this increase? Greenhouse gases caused by human activities.

What can be done?

Climate change and coronavirus

It takes the will of the world’s leaders for there to be real change.


Martin Divisek. EFE

The report published in ‘Frontiers in Conservation Science’ tried to find solutions for this’scary future‘and the’ discovery ‘was as obvious as it was complex to achieve: voracious consumerism, lack of education and inequality must be eliminated so that the environment have the protection you need.

There are many examples of successful interventions to prevent extinctions, restore ecosystems, and foster more sustainable economic activity at both the local and regional levels.“Said the experts.

A realistic appreciation of the colossal challenges facing the international community could enable it to chart a less devastating future

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The group of scientists who developed the research also made an urgent appeal to the world leaders, “since their unwilling attempts to create policies to care for the environment have not improved the panorama“Said the experts.

Finally, they asked to establish, “once and for all”, the changes that are necessary to improve, but which are always “ignored”. These include: controlling corporate influence on policymaking, empowerment of women (their access to education and reproductive control) and the eradication of fossil fuels.

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