Seakees and Roster are Patriots A.L. East champions


Due to an injection of young talent, Yankees' long-term general manager Brian Cashman made a series of movements during the 2016 season that paved the way for the heart of current players, including the Gleyber Torres, Sanchez and Judge infleyer.

In a very fast revival, the 2017 team went to the plays as a wild card and one triumph fell off the World Series. There are still some substantial adjustments to be made, including the addition of Stanton and the replacement of Manager Joe Girardi.

This season, to record 30 players to overcome on the injured list, a combination of both financial means from the more disciplined Yankees (payroll over $ 230 million, the third largest in a bubble) wanted a modern approach, based on data to round up their roster. .

In recent years, they used their cafes to sign free agents (Aroldis Chapman closer, Zhu Britton and Adam Ottavino, and D.J. LeMahieu infielder) or trade for players with huge contracts (Stanton). But they focused heavily on scouting and analytics to reveal players like Mike Tauchman, infielder Gio Urshela, and Voit, and then to help them improve training.

“Notwithstanding everything we have done – which is very different in terms of challenges each year – this particular group has found a way, from all involved, to overcome all obstacles to address this issue. first goal, won Department, ”said Cashman.

The injury barriers are emerging during the season. The clearance has gone again after he had partially enjoyable enjoyment of his left hand Achilles during his first year of Sunday. It will keep it from the full post.

These Yankees without Domingo German boot without any time; on an evening on Thursday evening as M.L.B. he proceeded with an investigation under the terms of his domestic violence policy.


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