Search for Alex Ottley: Police say efforts to find the boy “are complete”

The search for nine-year-old Alex Ottley ended unsuccessfully.

Provincial Ontario police announced the news in a tweet Tuesday evening.

“Despite extensive research on Lake Erie and the shoreline, search and recovery efforts have not been successful,” reads the tweet.

“Research efforts have been completed. An extremely difficult decision for #OPP.”

Troubled waters and weather conditions have hampered efforts to find the boy since he was swept into the frozen lake over a week ago.

He was brought into the water on February 15 while playing with his 10 year old sister and eight year old friend near Peacock Point.

Her sister ran to the street and got out of the car for help.

A couple from Brantford stopped and managed to save the eight-year-old boy, but Ottley never surfaced again.

Police say periodic aerial and coastal searches will continue in the future.

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