Sebastián Villa: Boca Juniors concern for foot discomfort

Sebastián Villa continues to live bad days at Boca Juniors after the Argentine club has decided not to take it into account for the official games of the local tournament and Copa Libertadores until the justice makes a decision in its controversial case with Daniela Cortés, her ex-partner, who more than five months ago reported him for abuse.

From the surroundings of Villa they indicate that he would go into rebellion against the club to play or to leave Argentine football and that they could even go to court. As this all goes on the Colombian must report to Boca training every day like any player because he still has two years of contract.

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In the midst of all this, concern arose in Villa’s environment for a possible injury which would complicate it even more, since he had to take medical examinations due to a strong discomfort in the ball of one of his feet; this to rule out a possible fracture.

Sebastián Villa is attentive to another offer that would reach Boca Juniors from Atlético Mineiro in Brazil and for more than five million dollars to be able to leave the institution, all this due to the impossibility of playing and the new enmity with the club’s leadership despite their sports capabilities.

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On the judicial issue, it is still waiting for the justice to make a decision while he continues they pay a fee to Daniela Cortés (who is in Colombia). The player already has permission to leave Argentine soil due to labor issues.


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