Sébastien Lecornu reaffirms state support for mayors attacked


Sébastien Lecornu, September 11, 2019 at the Elysée. – LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

In 2018, 361 mayors were assaulted, 40% of them physically, recalled
Sébastien Lecornu. The Minister responsible for Territorial Communities has supported mayors or assistants victims of aggression as part of their mandate, before announcing measures to give more power to the city.

To receive them, "is to tell them that they are not alone, it would be the world upside down that the state is not with them while they represent the state," said Sebastien Lecornu on LCI . He then presented the measures contained in the bill to be discussed in Parliament shortly: "Most mayors, when assaulted, find themselves alone on the legal ground. For municipalities with less than 3,500 inhabitants, we will block the legal protection insurance and it will be paid by the State. "

A single threshold of indemnities

"Because they deserve it, but also because mayors often act as agents of the state, he has police decisions executed," he said. The state will also put in place psychological support measures for mayors who have been attacked.

The bill also provides for "the removal of powers that belonged (exclusively) to the prefects" to the mayors to "assert their authority over the police decisions they may have taken", he said. added. Jacqueline Gourault, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, his tutelage, said on France info that it was in particular to "strengthen the administrative power of mayors to fight against the scourge of wild deposits."

"It is necessary that the example is given so that incivilities stop," she said, questioned about the need for mayors to be harder and less accommodating. "Mayors are often physically courageous. These administrative tools make it possible not to make this physical contact systematic, "said Sébastien Lecornu. He then argued in favor of a "single threshold of compensation between 0 and 3,550 inhabitants, in which the municipal councils can modulate the compensation (up to 1,600 euros)": "When a mayor is retired, this may not be the same as when he takes a part-time job, "said the minister.


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