Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Second video broadcast during the assassination of Bijan Ghaisar by the police of the park

Tom Jackman Reporter Covering Criminal Justice At The Local And National Levels Dec. 13 At 6:00 am A video of the car from a second county of Fairfax County, Virginia, that a police officer arrived at the scene while Park US police were fatally shooting unarmed motorist Bijan Ghaisar last year was released Wednesday. It appears that a police officer in the park is pointing a flashlight at Ghaisar after the initial sequence of seven shots in Ghaisar's Jeep Grand Cherokee. As the video shows, a second policeman in the park fired the last two shots. The video was published by Fairfax Police Chief Edwin C. Roessler Jr. in response to a request from the Washington Post for the Freedom of Information Act. It appears that the unidentified agent stopped behind another Fairfax agent whose video of the incident in the car was made public by the Fairfax police in January, revealing that Ghaisar was shot nine times by the two Park police officers. He died after 10 days in a coma. The shooting investigation, which is under the jurisdiction of the FBI and the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, is now in its 13th month, and no decision has been made as to whether criminal charges are pending. will be worn. The names of the officers were not disclosed. The park police spokesman, the sergeant. Eduardo Delgado said on Wednesday that the two officers remained in post with pay, but he could not say more about the case or the new video. Park police have previously stated that no internal administrative investigation into the shooting would take place before the decision is made. [Video shows Park Police fired nine shots into Bijan Ghaisar’s Jeep at close range, killing him] Ghaisar, 25, was an accountant from Tysons, Virginia, who had been involved in a hanging incident in Alexandria, Virginia, around 7:30 pm on November 17, 2017. He was away from this collision and was later sued by Park police officers along the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Twice Ghaisar stopped, twice the officers ran towards him with weapons in their hands, and twice he went away. The third time Ghaisar stopped in a residential neighborhood in Fort Hunt, Fairfax County, park police placed their SUV in front of the Ghaisar Jeep to block it, as shown in the new video. According to Fairfax police reports released in October, a Fairfax lieutenant, a veteran and unidentified, joined the police prosecution of the park before Ghaisar's first stop. He captured the entire episode with his own camera. The park police do not have an on-board camera or body camera, but Fairfax police reports showed that two of the onboard cameras in the service had recorded the shooting. While the Ghaisar Jeep and two police SUVs closed GW Parkway and proceed to Alexandria Avenue, Fairfax's second officer drove down Alexandria Avenue. But as the lieutenant's video shows and she is captured again in the second officer's video, the pursuit overtook the officer before he could place the sticks.
A large crowd gathered at the Lincoln Memorial on the occasion of the first anniversary of the murder of Bijan Ghaisar. (Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post) The second Fairfax officer got into his car, turned it over and started following the Ghaisar jeep and the two police police vehicles (SUVs), stopping behind them near the intersection with Fort Hunt Road. "When I got out of my vehicle, I heard several gunshots," he wrote in his report. Some of the first five shots can be heard on his video. The second officer can be seen approaching the scene in both videos. Unlike the lieutenant's video, the park police are barely visible in the second officer's video. As the second officer approaches with his weapon unsheathed, Ghaisar's jeep begins to roll forward and the sixth and seventh shots in the sequence are heard. Then it seems that one of the officers lit a flashlight located in the front left corner of the jeep in the windshield in the direction of Ghaisar. The Jeep advances again, the flashlight is still directed at Ghaisar and a second policeman from the reserve seems to be shooting the eighth and ninth shots. Ghaisar's family claimed to have been shot in the head four times. Fairfax police said he was unarmed and that the officers who shot him from the Jeep had seen neither weapons nor drugs.[[[[Fairfax Police: Bijan Ghaisar had no weapon when he was killed by Park police]Reports indicate that the park police then broke Ghaisar's driver's window to open his door and that the second Fairfax policeman and a third policeman who had just arrived at the scene fired Ghaisar from the jeep to bring help. Roessler refused to broadcast the videos of this part of the incident, claiming that she was exempt from publication as a medical record. As in the case of the first video, the Fairfax police specified the faces of the agents involved and their license plates. The second video was shot in a different format, according to police reports, and unlike the first, it is in black and white. Under Virginia law, the park police are competent outside the federal parks of the counties of Northern Virginia. They first took charge of the investigation and then handed it over to the FBI after three days. Roessler released the first video in January, despite the FBI's objections, in the interests of police transparency and sensitivity to a bereaved family. He added that he had no longer heard of the FBI's investigation, which did not comment publicly on pending cases. The Ghaisar family brought civil proceedings in a federal court in Alexandria, while she did not know the names of Park police officers. "Regardless of the angle under which you are considering this," said family lawyer Roy L. Austin Jr., "it was an illegal shooting of one person." young man unarmed and non-threatening. The slow drop in information over the past year has been difficult, but it is certainly better than no information at all. The family remains grateful to Chief Roessler for continuing to be more transparent than anyone in the federal government. ".

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