Secret tunnels in Venezuela are revealed for Nicolás Maduro and his Army to flee in case of war | International | News

Nicolás Maduro’s regime would have built secret tunnels through different states of Venezuela to hide and be protected in the event of war, as revealed by human rights lawyer Tamara Suju.

These bunkers would have been built under the advice of the Cuban regime and would house senior government officials in the event of a war, according to the lawyer, who believes that in addition to people, the tunnels could store weapons.

Suju, in statements to the Spanish newspaper ABC, said that since the time of Hugo Chávez the regime was already preparing to face an eventual war with the construction of tunnels to protect the military high command both in Caracas and in the military garrisons throughout Venezuela. .

The Venezuelan lawyer has shared this information on her Twitter account, accompanied by videos and images, and detailed the characteristics of an underground bunker in “the 14th Mechanized Infantry Brigade in Barquisimeto, Lara state, with measures of 157 meters long and 8 meters underground “.

Bedroom of one of the tunnels – Tamara Suju

Suju reported that they are tunnels built to “house the Heads of the High Command of each State,” such as the Zodi and Redi commandos, up to officers with the rank of lieutenant colonels, in addition to storing weapons, material and military equipment. “They were built by Engineering of the Strategic Operational Command (CEO) and in this case Cuban Colonel José Luis Álvarez Hernández was carrying out the inspection.”

He also stated, in statements to ABC, that the construction of the tunnel for the Barquisimeto Infantry Brigade concluded in 2016 and that he does not know “how many tunnels of this type were built throughout the country.” “What I do know is that there are some abandoned because the military chiefs, officers and generals in charge, stole the money, resold rebar (iron) and the cement that was to build them.”

Tamara Suju affirmed that the order to build them was given by the late Hugo Chávez in 2011 and “construction is still going on, although the assigned budgets were stolen along the way.”

He also confirmed that “there are other tunnels located in Fort Tiuna (headquarters of the Ministry of Defense), in the General Command of the Army, in the Caracas Battalion, in the Villa Alba Urbanization where the Cubans are staying and under the Infantry Corps. By the way There are some unfinished in other states because the Generals resold the cement and rebar (iron) “.

An underground network

The human rights lawyer has confirmed what retired General Antonio Rivero denounced some time ago about the existence of tunnels in Caracas, approximately 17 kilometers underground for the protection or escape of the high Chavista government in the event of a war.

Experts point out that the tunnels would also serve to hide weapons, dollars and gold that the Maduro regime has stolen from the institutions.

The underground network would have a connection with the residences where Maduro and his family are staying at Fort Tiuna and the relatives of the first lady Cilia Flores in the 14 closed houses on Tacarigua Street in the Cumbres de Curumo urbanization, south of Caracas.

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