Security guard pretends to be a surgeon and performs surgery, patient dies | Abroad

According to AFP news agency, 80-year-old Shameema Begum came to hospital in Lahore with a back injury. When she arrived at the hospital, she was operated on by Muhammad Waheed Butt. This former security guard of the hospital pretended to be a surgeon and managed to operate on the woman.

“We can’t keep track of exactly what each doctor is doing in this large hospital,” said a hospital employee. The hospital employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, indicates that it is therefore not known what exactly the security guard did during the operation.

Because the woman started to lose more and more blood after the ‘operation’, her family raised the alarm. Only then was it discovered what had happened earlier in the hospital.

According to a police spokesman, the guard has been “charged and taken into custody”.

The woman’s body is being examined.

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