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Sedokova showed a photograph from the rest – Rambler / News

Anna Sedokova got out into the countryside, taking advantage of the good weather.

She posted sunny photos on the Internet and reflected on the topic that life is going on, quarantine will someday end and everything will be fine.

“In the city, plus 20 and we went out for a walk with the dog. Near the house there is a river and a forest. And I undressed, lay down on the grass (ground) and it became so good for me. From the realization that a little more, and all this will end. That summer is coming, you can post pictures in swimsuits and drink rose wine on your favorite beaches with your beloved friends.
We will dance again at the tables and do stupid things, record funny songs, give concerts and (Oh, Gods) probably earn. Does anyone know when the borders will be opened? What do you think?” She asked subscribers.

Followers are not particularly optimistic. Perhaps because they do not lie in the sun on the river bank.

“We in Italy will not dance on the tables soon. Tomorrow they let out of the house that it’s already happiness ”,“ You, Anna, have dispersed with the beaches and with everything else) God grant that by October more or less public places are open for visits. ”

As Rambler previously wrote, Anna Sedokova, during a live broadcast on a social network with psychologist Nika Nabokova, admitted that she had been struggling with excellent student syndrome for a long time and had been adapting to her men all her life.

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