«See Full Fontajau is the greatest satisfaction for those who started the project»


I will not deny that his life has changed a lot …

If. Now I am clear that you can never say "I will not drink it from this water." Ten years ago, moving from training base teams to taking the first team and playing to raise the Feminine League -1 was a major change; And now, in the last three years in politics, the turn has also been of a certain magnitude.

What do you remember about that game in Badajoz against Navarre?

It was a very special day that changed everything. It was the beginning of a project that unified the illusion of many and remembered it with that esteem of the first times. It was the dream of many people that with the collective work ended up being a reality.

At that time, could anyone imagine that Uni would be 10 years old for the elite, who would win two leagues or play in Europe?

We remember many times, from the president of Llorenç (Biargé), when he made some predictions as "in two years we will play in the Feminine League" or, in the presentation of the first year, "in a few years we will win the league "or" we will compete in the Euroleague ". People looked at us smilingly, but then we have seen that doing a good constant job and involving a lot of people can dreams come true. Although they seem very distant from the beginning.

It also seemed distant social growth made by the club. Before, there were many Feminine League matches with less than 500 people in the pavilion.

It has been a transformation. Sporting success inside the track was important especially because we were able to put women's sport as a point of reference. And this way people have discovered that they like it and that when the tasting is repeated. Before we had 500 people and we thought how we could do it because there was not 700. The other day there were more than 5,000 people at Fontajau and, most importantly, with a great communion between the team, the hobby and the a show that was seen on the track. This is the most important satisfaction for the people who started the project.

The team goes up in their first year on the bench and, once in the Feminine League-1, Laura Antoja, Laura Camps, Kiesha Brown are fich … How did it take it?

I always say it was a two year postgraduate with five months. We did not have close references because then the female basketball did not look very much on television, we did not have any equipment nearby to mirror us. For me and for the club it was a constant learning.

The fifth place in the year of debut, go to the Cup, win for the first time Avenida … What are the best records?

We always finished the year thinking that "the next one will be complicated to overcome it", because starting debuting after completing fifth was already great because at that time the reality of the league was different with three teams (Ros, Avenida and Rivas ) much above the rest; the third place of the second year was to have won one of the "big ones", I remember the participation in the Cup in Arganda and Zamora; but I think the day we start to turn the story is when we win for the first time Salamanca at home in a game in Palau where, unlike Fontajau, where we did not have as many people as before, every time we did a triple it seemed that it was worth three. That victory was very good.

League titles, play European competition … Envy of what has happened to its successors on the bench of Uni Girona?

Envy healthy, but above all satisfaction and pride. Getting the first league allowed us to take a step forward in terms of sponsors and a budget that was later noted in the quality of coaches that can be signed in and in the depth of the bench. I am very proud of how the club has managed to reach every corner of the Girona region and that any girl or citizen knows now what is Uni. I am very proud, because I know it has cost much to get here.

Ok, but do not tell me I would not have liked Laia Palau and Núria Martínez.

Yes, yes … They could have come a little before, sometimes I say this to Laia. But I also had the satisfaction of seeing it playing at Uni. I have to admit that I would pay for having run from a bench.

It changed the sport by the policy. Do you see it impossible to go back the reverse way?

No, I do not think so. Sport has given me a lot for the values ​​that it has transmitted to me and I have discovered it when changing its scope. In politics, which may not seem to be so much in common, I have seen everything that my collective sport has built to know that you need your people to achieve goals. I do not shy away from making another change in my life.

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