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See the first look at Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 | News | Movies

Production of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery has been going on for some time, and on the sizzle coil side that debuted at San Diego's Comic-Con intensify the pleasure, adventure and the spatial mystery. Thanks to the whimsical fantasies of different distributors, UK readers can check out the Netflix version below, while those in the US should go further down the page for the same CBS All Access video.

from the end of the first, when the discovery (spoiler alert for those who are not yet caught up) met the USS Enterprise. Captain Christopher Pike of Anson Mount (who commanded the iconic starship Trek before Captain Kirk did not use it to ignore the Direct Directive and the romantic foreign ladies throughout the galaxy) arrives on board to take command of the Discovery, noting that a strange, powerful new signal emanates from the space.

And there is also a link for Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who discovers that his adoptive brother Spock could be linked one way or the other to the new quirk of l & # 39; 39; space. While the show's panel did not reveal who would play Spock in the show, the team, including executive producer Alex Kurtzman, said we would meet the character this season . "We know we owe you a lot of answers about how this show connects to the gun this season," said Kurtzman, adding that the answers will come, "but not as you hoped."

is the original first officer, or number one of the company, played once by Majel Barrett for the unused pilot at Star Trek . She will be brought back to life on Discovery by Rebecca Romijn.

Finally, Kurtzman announced that the first part of his contract to develop spin-offs and other shows around Trek bore fruit with Short Treks shorter adventures focused on specific characters. The mini-series, lasting 10 to 15 minutes, will initially include Harry Mudd of Rainn Wilson (Wilson will lead and present), Aldis Hodge, a man named Craft who finds himself alone on board. a deserted ship. Others will dig into the shades of Saru (Doug Jones), Kelpian officer, and Tilly, played by Mary Wiseman

Star Trek: Discovery returns at the beginning of the 39 next year.

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