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JAKARTA, – For 43 years, the KFC fast food restaurant has enlivened the food and beverage industry in Indonesia. In the beginning, Dick Galael, through PT Fast Food (FAST) Indonesia, in 1978 purchased the single KFC brand license holder in the country.

A year after purchasing the brand, KFC’s first restaurant was opened on Jalan Melawai, South Jakarta. Apparently, the menus that are being sold by the company from the country of Uncle Sam have received a warm welcome from Indonesians.

After seeing the considerable enthusiasm of the community, the Galael family opened other outlets in Jakarta and expanded to a number of other big cities in Indonesia including Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Manado.

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Furthermore, in 1990 the Salim Group through PT Indoritel Makmur Internasional Tbk or DNET through PT Megah Eraraharja
bought some of KFC Indonesia’s shares.

Anthoni Salim (Salim Group) bought a 24.16 percent stake in FAST. Finally, in 1993 the company decided to take the floor on the stock exchange.

FAST also continues to add outlets in various cities in Indonesia. This company has contributed greatly to making fried chicken menu, especially fried chicken seasoned flour, a popular lifestyle for Indonesians to this day.

Based on the company’s annual report in 2019, the number of company outlets has reached 748 in various cities in 34 provinces and more than 169 cities.

The details, as many as 450 outlets in Java, 138 in Sumatra Island, 49 in Kalimantan, 56 in Sulawesi, 37 in Bali and Nusa Tenggara, and 18 in Papua and Maluku. While the number of employees reached 16,968 people. Still according to the 2019 annual report, the company’s revenue reached Rp. 6.71 trillion.

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Currently, both the Salim Group and the Gelael Family have their members on the board of directors and commissioners of FAST.

Ricardo Gelael is the current President Director of FAST, while the other director is Fabian Gelael. The Gelael family also put Nini Rosalia Gelael and Elisabeth Gelael in the position of commissioners of the company.

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Meanwhile, Anthoni Salim is known to be the President Commissioner of FAST.

History of KFC

KFC was originally a simple restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. The customers are travelers and truck drivers who stop by while filling up their fuel.

The worldwide holder of the KFC brand is Yum! Brands Inc. or Yum !. Yum! is a US company that controls KFC worldwide. YUM! Brands which also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. The company is headquartered in Louisville, State of Kentucky, USA.

In a relatively short time after being popular in the United States in the 1930s, then starting to spread throughout the US in the 1950s, its restaurant chain spreads in 135 countries with a number of outlets reaching 22,600, 90 percent of which are franchises.

The total KFC revenue in 2018 reached 26.24 billion US dollars. That income increased compared to 2017 which was recorded at US $ 24.51 billion. KFC’s global sales grew by 6 percent in 2018. This fried chicken restaurant has a brand value of US $ 8.5 billion.

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