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See what Victor Stoyanov is doing after graduating ᐉ News from Fakti.bg – Curious

Victor Stoyanov, whose viewers watched the show “Baccalaureate”, opened a sports hall, they say in secular circles. Until recently, the former rower was a fitness manager for a popular chain, but after his involvement in reality, he decided to start his own business.

He repeatedly said about a new venture, but he still did not give details. He only said that he had registered his company and was quite busy, although he was officially unemployed.

“One is business, the other is mobile technology, and the third is entirely art,” Victor said recently. The bachelor obviously doesn’t want to brag before he realizes his plan. Still, they say that one of his efforts is to open his own gym. His decision is not a surprise, because Victor knows the sector well. In addition, it is known in detail how to carve a perfect body, it can be seen in its performance and in the “Bachelor”.

An added bonus is the popularity of the show. The fame will certainly be useful for Viktor Stoyanov’s business. Probably as soon as word gets out about her fitness, a lot of ladies will rush to become her client. A curious detail is that Victor has just started singing lessons.

No wonder he will soon surprise his fans with a solo song, and not only with the participation of pop-folk hit. She showed muscles in Galena’s “Old Caravan”, Andrea’s “Vitamins”, Gloria’s “You’re Crazy About Me”, Camelia’s “The Only You” and this year Emanuela’s “If I Go”.

“I don’t go out without headphones. I can’t do without music in my daily life, it’s really a part of my life anyway. I even sing, maybe some people know. I don’t sing very well, so I start music lessons and I think I will improve. People say I have talent. Maybe because they took money from me, but I don’t know, I’m not sure “, Victor shared recently during his appearance in the media.

Apparently many of his followers on social networks do not yet know that he has artistic talent as well. He preferred pencils because when he looked at his works, he had the freedom to color them mentally. For Victor, painting is also a kind of therapy, helping him out of reality and giving free rein to his imagination. Despite the many activities he has undertaken, the bachelor still cannot say with certainty whether he has discovered his professional vocation.

“I don’t know, sometimes I think that, sometimes I hesitate, but until I’m sure, I won’t be able to share,” says Victor. He began seeking his vocation after undergoing spinal surgery at the age of 17. The intervention was necessary due to a spinal injury. After the operation, Victor, then a promising national rower, thought he could resume his athletic career, but he did not succeed.

“All the goals and plans went to hell,” said the macho. For a year he lived day to day. He did not know what to do, what professional path to choose. The period was difficult because of the great change in his life, which he felt in his different daily life, which was already full of training. Trying to use his time, he began to study English. On the Internet, where he enriched his knowledge, he learned new practical skills, so he got into the habit of doing some household chores.

“I love doing things,” says Victor. He created not only for himself but also for his friends. He once painted a picture as a gift for a loved one, and made the frame himself. He choked with a knife at the tree, forming various figures. Of course, he doesn’t claim to be a woodcarver, but the result was interesting. In addition, the frame fit perfectly into the picture it paints.

The license took many courses, including one for cinematography. When he was a rower, he had plans to become a pilot. But the shock did not allow him to make that dream come true and he had to give up. On the other hand, Victor, who also acts as a model, is back in sports, although without professionals. He started going to the gym, and to this day he can’t imagine stopping training at the gym.

Soon, you will probably be training muscles in your own gym. Although he has knowledge in various fields, the bachelor did not choose to focus on just one of them. All his business initiatives will probably become clear soon.



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