Seine-Saint-Denis: two workers die after the fall of a nacelle


Residents of the neighborhood of La Source in Epinay, are shocked this Saturday, after the death of two workers, employees on the site of rehabilitation. The two men were on a gondola attached along Building 2, which was unhooked around 9:30 am for a reason still unknown.

The height of their fall has not been determined with certainty, but they may have dropped 18 stories. A third worker was on a nearby nacelle and escaped the accident. In shock, he was taken in charge by Samu.

"A cloud of smoke"

"There was a deafening noise around 9:30, says a tenant, very moved. I saw a cloud of smoke, I did not understand, and when I went out, I saw a man on the ground, his eyes open. The other gentleman was a little further away.

The identification of the two victims was ongoing. This Saturday afternoon, the investigators were looking for access to their cloakroom.

"The third worker managed to get into the building and went down the stairwell," reports a source close to the case. Nacelles are platforms of metal that rise and fall by an electric mechanism, along a metal mast.

The curly neighborhood

At the foot of the towers, the emotion is palpable and questions about the safety of the site were not long in coming. Was the installation safe enough? And should the climatic conditions not have called for the interruption of the worksite?

Hervé Chevreau, the mayor (DVD) of Epinay, and Sébastien Longin, general manager of Plaine Commune Habitat, the lessor, went on site. A room was opened in a neighboring building to accommodate tenants who could not go back home, the time of the intervention of the relief.

The area around 2 rue Hector-Berlioz was closed so that police scientists could find traces and clues to explain the terrible accident. Firefighters climbed up along the facade, with harnesses, to carry out a reconnaissance of the places, in particular to prevent possible falling of metal or piece of coatings.

An entanglement of scrap was piled up at the bottom of the building. A meeting with companies is scheduled this weekend.

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