Selena Gomez confides in the anguish of confinement and her many projects

After the accidental leak of very private photos, Chris Evans finally returned to social networks and chose to approach the subject with humor.

On Twitter, the ‘Captain America’ actor simply wrote, adding emojis depicting an embarrassed man and another shrugging his shoulders: “Now that I have your attention … go vote on November 3rd !! !! “

Chris’s fans have been very supportive of the star over the past few days, realizing that Chris suffers from chronic anxiety and doesn’t want his sanity to take a hit. Indeed, many Internet users have published photos showing the star with puppies, as well as other “general” photos in order to “drown” the private images of the star.

Actor Mark Ruffalo himself tried to put his friend’s smile back on Twitter, writing on Twitter, “Dude, as long as Trump is in the White House, you can’t do anything more embarrassing than him. You voice. . you have to see the positive side. “

Chris’ brother Scott Evans himself teased the actor, writing on his Twitter account, “I wasn’t on Twitter yesterday. So what did I miss?”

As a reminder, the star accidentally showed her phone’s photo gallery to her millions of Instagram followers over the weekend.

Among the photos posted by mistake, we could see ordinary images but also a snapshot that the star would probably have preferred never to reveal: a photo of her private parts.

The actor was quick to delete this from his Instagram Story, alas the web was faster than him and the photos in question ended up on most social networks in less time than it takes to to say it.

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