Sélène Saint-Aimé enchants Nancy Jazz Pulsations

Sélène Saint-Aimé, 23, double bass and voice, leader of men always smiling, connects a melody « written in the house of Rosa Bonheur ” with a song from Aznavour: “I’m talking to you about a time / That those under twenty / Can’t know » A warm voice, a voice shrouded in mysteries, a voice full of the surprises of the journey.
On October 15, the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival continues its race against winds and viruses. Heroically adapting its multitrack formula to the “encovid” requirements of the season. With the indefatigable presence of his guardian angel, Claude-Jean Antoine known as “Tito” (one of the founders, in 1973). While the Salle Poirel resonates with Senegalese hip-hop (yesterday, it was Apple), later in the night, Sélène Saint-Aimé presents her first album, sea ​​Waves (Komos / L’Autre Distribution), at the Manufacture. She wrote it, poems and melodies, in favor of a lunar eclipse, on January 21, 2019. It is not unrelated to another trip to the Moon, that of Savinien de Cyrano (aka “de Bergerac », 1619-1655).

Cyrano’s drifts in space, the diversions and other bifurcations of his extraordinary lunar story have a lot to do with Selene’s method. Cyrano talks about « miracles ». She, of a “Magic” which she smiles. His album is a very concerted fabric of proposals, of melodies sometimes composed at the last moment, which his partners seize.

Bois-le-Roi, New York, Cuba

It is rather inflated, of an obvious breakthrough of enigmas, one wonders what that can give in concert, with another team. As she expected, it works wonderfully. She has just enchanted Jazz at La Villette as she enchants Nancy. She grew up in Bois-le-Roi (Seine-et-Marne), volunteering at the festival dedicated to Django, in Samois-sur-Seine. Where she discovers the double bass, the “oxen” and sleepless nights, the velocity of Avishai Cohen. She learns, travels a lot like the Companions of Duty did, meets saxophonist and theorist Steve Coleman in New York, follows him to Cuba, receives lessons from Mr. Ron Carter himself.

So that we are not surprised that Bohemian fits in its place in the concert thread. Opening a cappella, she slips her double bass under his voice, into his voice, in the joy of playing. All around her, the men fell silent: Mathias Lévy, the violinist we talk about as much as her, Sary Khalifé (cello), Arnaud Dolmen (drums), Hugues Mayot (tenor saxophone)…

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