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In FAQ that the government published yesterday to make the content of the Dpcm as clear as possible, in reality they did not “resolve” the issue of self-certification which is therefore still awaited on the Interior Ministry portal, in all likelihood coming out by the afternoon: according to Adnkronos, this will be the new module for travel, identical to the previous one with the addition of the visit to relatives guaranteed by the new rules of the Prime Minister’s government decree. Then it remains to understand when to show and how to use self-certification, but here the Dpcm is fortunately more comprehensive: those who go to work will be able to show a card and may not be needed to go to play sports or to the park. In “soldoni”, the form will be used for movements towards relatives, for shopping or for health reasons, as well as obviously for possible returns to the home both in the same Region and between the Regions; but it should not be used to go to work where a card / document will suffice of the employer who certifies that daily movement. (adj. by Niccolò Magnani)

Download here the movement self-certification form (latest version available)



Solved the puzzle kin (at least in theory), the spotlights turn onself-certification. Tomorrow begins the Phase 2 and we are waiting for the new module for travel. It is the fifth model, given that the first debuted on March 10, then it was updated on March 17, then on March 24, to then be modified on March 26. This is the last one we have available, the one we have become familiar with. Well, the new self-certification won’t be very different. Indeed, from the advances that emerged in the last few hours, it seems that it is almost identical to the previous one, if not for the important addition of a section relating to a new reason for moving: the meeting with the relatives. Someone would have preferred the abolition of self-certification, confirmed for at least two weeks. But compared to the last one, there are few restrictions. In fact, the new self-certification form must not be shown when traveling to work or to do physical activity.



There are still many doubts regarding theself-certification. In theory, it should be short-lived, given that in two weeks it should no longer be necessary to justify the movements. In the last few hours, the hypothesis of confirming the last active form had also emerged, allowing simple pen corrections to be made, but the complications would be different, hence the idea of ​​proceeding with a new form downloadable on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. In fact, it must be taken into account that the boundaries in which some movements are allowed change. Furthermore, in the form that is about to be replaced, there are no parts in which to enter the meeting with the relatives and the part, which was present in the first modules, concerning the return to one’s home of residence should be restored. In the end the simplest solution appeared precisely to proceed with a new version of the self-declaration form which we will provide you with as soon as it is made available by the Interior Ministry.


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