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Senate committees approve the recreational use of marijuana


With 26 votes in favor of Morena, PT, PRD and the Citizen Movement; 7 votes against the PAN and 8 abstentions PRI and PAN, the commissions Justice, Health and Legislative Studies Senate, generally approved the opinion that allows the recreational use of marijuana for over 18 years.

Thus the allowed amount rises from 5 to 28 grams of carrying the herb to each individual for personal use, without the risk of being arrested for drug possession; and home cultivation of up to four plants is allowed for personal consumption.

Although the president of the republic had indicated that he was not in favor of the recreational use of marijuana, Morena and his allies carried out the new system only with the explicit rejection of the PAN.

Fines of 3.4 million pesos for smoking cannabis; its use in public areas will be prohibited

Law for the Regulation of Cannabis establishes recreational use for personal use and shared use among those who integrate consumer associations; commercial use for recreational purposes of adults, as well as research; medical, pharmaceutical or palliative, and industrial.

The approved opinion prohibits the consumption of marijuana for minors and the use of children and adolescents in any activity related to the planting, cultivation, planting, harvesting, commerce, production, distribution, supply, sale and consumption of cannabis.

This will be administratively sanctioned with a fine of up to 3.4 million pesos.

The Mexican Cannabis Institute will be in charge of coordinating the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration, collaborating with the competent health authorities for the various activities allowed and in the determination of public policies for the control of cannabis and its derivatives.

The Institute will be decentralized from the Ministry of the Interior, although its head will be the chairman and should be ready no later than January 1, 2021.

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