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Pavel Klimkin

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Members of the Federation Council responded to the words of the former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin about the lack of the right for Russia to celebrate Victory Day over Nazism. This Ukrainian politician said earlier in an interview with Espresso-TV.

“Klimkin’s parents live in Russia in the Penza region, I don’t know if they read what he says. In the Great Patriotic War, the multinational Soviet people won – Russians, Belarusians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Moldavians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and even the Baltic peoples, where there are national heroes who defended general freedom and independence. In conditions when the war and reconstruction events took place, the national republics received a lot at the expense of Russia. Ukraine had enormous preferences due to territories and support. We considered this victory to be common, ”said Franz Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council in an interview with RBC.

According to him, such figures as Klimkin, “not remembering their kinship and history”, unleashed a war in Ukraine. “When citizens who disagreed with fascism and nationalism began to protect their families, Russia began to morally, politically, financially help people living in southeastern Ukraine. They believe that we are participating in this war because we are not giving the opportunity, by supporting the Russian people, to commit genocide over our own people, ”the senator said. Klintsevich added that it is necessary to institute criminal proceedings against Klimkin in connection with many statements “that speak of inciting national hatred and encouraging terrorists.”

Klimkin said Russia has no right to celebrate Victory Day

As stated in a conversation with RBC, a senator from the Republic of Crimea, a member of the Federation Council committee on international affairs, Sergei Tsekov, Russia, above all others, has the right to be the heir to the Victory.


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