separated from Angela, he found love again but not in the arms of a new girlfriend

Greg Yega officially separated from Angela a few weeks ago. Once again single, the Marseille candidate has found comfort with his new love… we tell you everything!

Greg Yega: soon in a relationship (again) with Maeva Ghennam?

Despite the crush they had for each other in the Marseillais vs the Rest of the World 5, Greg and Angèle, it’s ancient history. Indeed, the winner of Love Island officially wiped the young man out of his life. Moreover, she let it be known thatshe had a new crush and there’s a good chance you know him!

For his part, Greg Yega accuses the blow. As a matter of fact, he might well have gotten closer to his ex again : Maeva Ghennam. As you know, the two friends are like cat and dog. During their last televised appearance in Tattoo Confession, the two candidates were at war. From now on, they would have unblocked on social networks and would discuss very regularly together via WhatsApp and Snapchat.

In addition, Maeva recently shared a memory in her story: a video of her kissing Greg on her birthday this summer, after he gave her the famous Chanel bag. Something tells us that Greg and Maeva could well get back together in the next season of Marseillais …

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Greg reveals his new lover

Precisely, these last hours, Greg was particularly playful and in a good mood on his social networks. The young man even admitted thathe had found love again. In great shape, he surveyed his subscribers to find out if they wanted to know the identity of the one who gave him so much smile. Is Greg about to announce to his community the return of his relationship with Maeva Ghennam? Far from there…

After several hours of suspense, Greg finally unveiled the reason for his happiness and it is none other than … the PlayStation 5 ! Indeed, out of stock upon its release in France, the Marseillais was finally able to get the Sony brand game console. Delighted with his new acquisition, we bet that the young man will spend long hours to make his console profitable. What to take care of during this second confinement after all.

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