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Sergio Ramos affinity for red cards: all red cards for Sergio Ramos against Barcelona in El Clasico

When it comes to red cards in the El Clasico, Sergio Ramos has some not so proud records. A red card by Sergio Ramos was distributed five times in 43 appearances made by the Spaniard in the El Clasico. When Sergio Ramos is against Barcelona, ​​there is a lot of zeal for Los Blancos the captain comes out on top against their fierce rivals.

Sergio Ramos vs Barcelona keeps fans at the limit of their places

Despite being reckless in his challenges, fans are aware that Sergio Ramos will do everything to win a football game, especially if it is Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Sergio Ramos vs Barcelona gets the 31-year-old Real Madrid defender effervescent in El Clasico and offers spectators plenty of entertainment. A Sergio Ramos red card can never be ruled out at any time during the tournament.

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5 Sergio Ramos red card accidents in El Clasico

1) Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5-0) November 2010 La Liga, Sergio Ramos red card

A 5-0 humiliation at Camp Nou was a bit too difficult for Sergio Ramos to digest against Barcelona and the defender eliminated his frustrations by brutally expelling Lionel Messi a few minutes before the final whistle. Following a red card, there was a clash between Sergio Ramos and the Barcelona captain, Carles Puyol. However, Sergio Ramos’ first red card in El Clasico it was a sign of what to expect in the future.

2) Barcelona vs Real Madrid (2-2) January 2012 Copa Del Rey, Sergio Ramos red card

Trailing during the second stage of the Copa Del Rey, two yellow cards were shown in the center of the back of Madrid; one for dissent and another as he jumps for a header with his arms raised when they challenge each other for the ball with Sergio Busquets.

3) Real Madrid vs Barcelona (3-4) March 2014 La Liga, Sergio Ramos red card

Not for one of his most atrocious fouls, Sergio Ramos earned a straight red card for a trip behind Neymar into the penalty spot when the Brazilian passed on goal. Real Madrid cost the advantage and the game.

4) Barcelona vs Real Madrid (1-2) April 2016 La Liga, Sergio Ramos red card

After picking up a reservation early in the game, Ramos stayed on the pitch until the 84th minute before nibbling Luis Suarez from behind to get his orders on the march. However, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the late winner in the game for the visitors.

5) Real Madrid vs Barcelona (2-3) April 2017 La Liga, Sergio Ramos red card

By now, a red card for Sergio Ramos against Barcelona was becoming a norm and a challenge on foot on Lionel Messi who both lacked, the ball and fortunately the man, did not give the referee any choice but to reject Ramos off the pitch. An injured Messi then scored a late winner in the game to rub further salt into Real Madrid’s injuries.

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El Clasico weather in India: when and where to watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona.?

Real Madrid will host Barcelona at the El Clasico and the game will be streamed live on Sunday 1 March at Santiago Bernabeu. However, El Clasico the weather in India would be March 2, 1:30 IST.

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