Serie A, the prediction of Cairo to Dal Pino: ‘Whoever voted for you will betray you’

The president of Torino had not supported the manager’s candidacy to number 1 in the League but after his election, in a message of January 2020, he had warned him of “friendly” clubs

The letter requesting the resignation of seven A clubs sent to Lega Serie A president Paolo Dal Pino surprised many. But not all of them. Proof of this is a WhatsApp sent by Urbano Cairo on 12 January 2020 to the then newly elected president of the Lega, in which the president of Turin, who had not voted for Dal Pino but supported the outgoing # 1 Miccichè, prophesied: “Although not I voted for you, as you know, I wish you good luck. And I’ll also make you a prediction: if you are always the person I met, that is someone who thinks with his own head and has no prejudices, and not what your constituents would like you to be, it will end up that you will have from me that support that they give you. they will miss. A hug, Urbano ”.


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