Seth Lugo meets Edwin Diaz to an insecure place in Mets pen


ATLANTA – As Mets manager Mickey Callaway is trying to achieve roles for his relievers, this seems clear: Edwin Diaz will only see when a cushion or team is losing.

With Seth Lugo raised with the highest leverage positions of the Mets (including closure), Callaway was asked Tuesday about the possibility of the Diaz who is struggling to use in the role of you.

“If things were going a little different for (Diaz) it would make more sense,” said Callaway before the 5-3 Mets lost to the Braves at SunTrust Park. “But now I think you have to see it towards the back and we will go from there.”

Diaz is 1-6 with 5.50 ERA for the season. Since April 29 it is going to ERA 7.08.

“In high leverage circumstances, it is difficult to convince him,” said Callaway.

After Monday's day, the Mets were available for the Mets to close from the draw, and Justin Wilson was the main choice of the arrangement but didn't use Lugo, Wilson or Diaz.

Jacob deGrom took the blame on Pete Alonso's Sunday error which brought the Nationals three forward in the first time they won the game they won 7-4. Alonso set up a foundation and wore a drum covering the first coin, but the ball hit the deGrom glove and rolled into a foul territory, as the coins were cleaned. DeGrom went on as he went into the bag, but he said it wasn't a factor.

“I looked at it a few times because it delayed me and I should get involved,” said deGrom, who was not available to talk to the media after Sunday's game as he had to fly home. “I don't think I would hesitate to catch it because if you don't slow down, what will you do over the bag? You need to slow down at some point. Just as I cover it first, that is how I do it and I feel that it helps you to throw out what might be a little out of now and you have delayed. ”

The Mets recalled Drew Gagnon, who presented the eighth month from Triple-A Syracuse and chose Chris Mazza. According to Callaway, the move was made due to the concerns of Mazza, which closed on July 18 last.

Jeff McNeil was hit hit from his full seasons, as MLB ruled on a bat that was given one credit in August 3 in Pittsburgh which was a real error at the first founder of Pirates, Josh Bell. As the scoring changed, all three races were not lost in the inning.

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