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Seven healthy diets that help you lose weight in a healthy way, backed by science

We are approaching summer and although at this time we do not know if we can go in the morning, what is certain is that, as every year, the diet boom begins and we try to lose weight at all speed. This is not only not usually effective, but generates that we end up falling into the arms of unhealthy diets, miracle and detox that promise us immediate results, but that can affect our health.

When it comes to following a healthy diet and maintaining an adequate weight, it is important that we avoid these types of diets that, in addition, do not have any type of scientific evidence. What all the useful diets have in common to achieve the weight that corresponds to us is that, in reality, they are not so much diets as eating styles, do not promise miracles and have scientific endorsement.

Well-made Mediterranean diet

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Sometimes we believe that, since we live in a Mediterranean country, all we currently eat is a Mediterranean diet. However, this is not the case. Actually, our eating style has become westernized, including in our diet many precooked, fried, ultra-processed foods, pastries and what is called “junk food”.

The original Mediterranean diet – which is the one that seems to be able to help us to have the healthy weight that corresponds to us – is based, however, mainly on the consumption of vegetables, fresh and seasonal foods, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats such as olive oil, as well as reducing meat consumption and eliminating ultra-processed foods. Also, it is important that we add physical activity to our life.

DASH diet

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The DASH diet appeared at the time as a feeding protocol for people with hypertension. However, over time it was found that it could help us maintain a healthy weight. Not because it is some kind of miracle diet, but because it introduces us to the habit of basing our diet on vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, lean meat – from fish or poultry – or skimmed dairy products.

Offers a high content of fiber, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Not only that, but like most eating styles that can help us, this diet completely avoids ultra-processed, refined sugars or saturated fats, in addition to reducing the consumption of red meat and salt.

Real food

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Real food or food based on real food It has been gathering strength in recent years. The main thing about this style of eating is to get away from ultra-processed foods completely and to base our diet on food that they call “real” because it can be acquired in the original way in which it arises. That is to say, without having undergone any processing, not even refining or for minimal processing.

For this reason, fruit and vegetables – which may be frozen -, fish and meat, preferably lean, wholemeal flours and cereals that have not been refined, oils such as extra virgin olive oil with minimal refining, seeds, legumes, dairy products, would be consumed. or nuts. Besides, it is important to avoid added sugars, which are usually a processing signal.

These foods can be complemented with what they call “good processed” in which processing is minimal, such as canned fish, frozen vegetables, crushed natural tomato without added sugars, etc. In addition, increased physical activity is also recommended.

Paleo diet

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A few years ago the paleo diet was very fashionable and, currently, there are still many followers of this style of eating. No wonder considering that this diet, well done, can help us achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Of course, we must know that quite a few myths have emerged regarding this diet and not all of them are real.

Specifically, the paleo diet is based on a specific style of eating followed during the Paleolithic – since there were several – and we say well, “it is based”. And the idea is not to eat exactly the same, but to adapt that style of eating to our current needs. The idea, as in many of the previous ones, is that we eat food and not products.

Thus, what we will consume the most in this diet are vegetables. Also fish, lean meats, fruit, seeds, nuts and carbohydrates from tubers. In this case, no legumes or dairy are consumed.

Intermittent fasting

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Intermittent fasting is on everyone’s lips. Even Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth admit to following this type of diet. In this case it is not a diet either, but a feeding protocol. In this case we must bear in mind that it is a form of food that is not made for everyone and that will have to adapt to each one of us.

If we are going to follow it, it is recommended that we consult with a nutritionist who can help us. The idea is that let’s calculate the number of calories we need to consume based on our needs. We will consume these calories during the hours in which it is possible to eat and the rest of the hours we will only consume non-caloric drinks such as tea or coffee.

There are different fasting plans, one of the best known is 8/16 in which all the calories of the day are consumed in the eight hours in whichhe is allowed to consume food, and the other 16 are fasted. Doing this can be tricky for some people, so we will have to find the formula that works best for us. In any case, what we should know is that not only does it matter the hours we eat, but the food we eat.

Ideally, during that the calories we consume are not empty, but they provide us with the necessary nutrients. We will achieve this by consuming good food and moving away from products.

Atlantic diet

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The Atlantic diet is based on the own and traditional style of food of Galicia and Portugal. It is based on the consumption of seasonal and local foods, various fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, legumes, potatoes, vegetables and whole grains.

Daily consumption of dairy is also recommended, as well as the moderation in the consumption of meat, but it can be varied. Consuming liquids like water is recommended to be high and food is recommended they are cooked stewed, grilled or grilled.

Change of habits

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In general, one of the things that works best when it comes to losing weight when it comes to food, is to make a change of habits. A diet that helps us to have a healthy weight will be one that is based on an increase in the consumption of vegetables, fruit and vegetables.

It is also recommended that let’s change the consumption of cereals and refined flours for other whole grains. We can also increase the consumption of legumes, seeds and nuts. But it does not only matter what we increase, but what we reduce: therefore, reducing the consumption of ultra-processed foods, added sugars, industrial pastries, junk food, etc., is important.

Of course, it will help us change other habits like increase water consumption and reduce alcohol consumption, avoid tobacco and do more sports and physical activity. In other words, not only do more sports, but also move more in general.

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