Seventy-two local elected officials from the right and center sign a platform of support for Macron


Emmanuel Macron during a commemoration ceremony at the prison of Caen (Calvados), on June 5th.
Emmanuel Macron during a commemoration ceremony at the prison of Caen (Calvados), on June 5th. JEAN-CLAUDE COUTAUSSE FOR "THE WORLD"

In a tribune posted online this Saturday evening by the Sunday newspaper, 71 mayors and a county council president (François Goulard, for Morbihan) from 35 departments and 12 regions, announce the creation of a "Republic of mayors and local elected officials". A text that formalizes or confirms their support for the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, while the executive seeks to attract the mayors of the right and center after the low score of the party The Republicans (LR) in the European elections of May 26 (8.48%).

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The initiative is part of Christophe Béchu, various right mayor of Angers and former spokesman of Alain Juppé during the primary of the right in 2016, and she seduced the mayors of medium-sized cities like Orleans, Tourcoing (North), Deauville (Calvados), Niort, Amiens, Valenciennes, Vannes, Nancy, Sète (Hérault) or Albi. Among them, representatives of the right and center, from the UDI, the party Republicans (LR), Radicals, New Center or Act.

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"But well over half are nowhere", says at World the mayor of Angers who describes "People who generally refuse the systematic opposition to the government and wish it success" without being "In an approach of allegiance". Some of them had already launched last month a call to vote in favor of Nathalie Loiseau's list in the European elections.

Clear support to the President of the Republic

The text of this platform is unambiguous with the current power. "We are among those who want the imperative success of France, which is why we want the success of the President of the Republic and the government because nothing will be built on their failure", they write recalling in preamble that "The great debate wanted by the President of the Republic has revealed the legitimate aspirations of French people who feel neglected, distant, relegated. He also emphasized the pivotal role of mayors and local elected representatives in our Republic. "

Based on this observation, they point out that "The French seem cut in half, between a Europe of solutions and a Europe of problems, between a promising future and uncertain future". And they estimate "It is not too late to give the greatest number of confidence in the future and in political action. The success of the great debate and the renewed interest in the Europeans compel us. "

They do not doubt it, the future goes through them: "We are the Republic of Mayors and local elected officials. Republic of the proposals. Republic of the solutions. " Convinced that "Most of the reforms are built locally in listening, co-construction and the concrete response to the expectations of our fellow citizens. "

And to specify: "We want to value and transmit what has worked in our cities, in our territories, what our citizens have adopted and which benefits the greatest number. Not at one camp, but at all. The time is no longer to quarrels of chapels or presidential stables. Time can not be the systematic opposition that ultimately only serves our fellow citizens. "

Rely on local initiatives

Christophe Béchu quotes in support of his demonstration the case of civic days organized in different municipalities. "This is the idea of ​​Fabian Jordan, who is now the president of the agglomeration of Mulhouse and who launched him as mayor of Berrwiller (Haut-Rhin). It has never been the subject of a law, an amendment, a regulation and yet today 2,000 municipalities organize one in France – with 4,000 people in Angers this year. It is an impetus of generosity that responds to the crisis of living together. This association is the will to make between us a club of exchanges of good practices, in which we will valorize initiatives which were taken by mayors so that they spread. "

The mayor of Angers has previously warned the President of the Republic of this initiative "So that it is not misunderstood". Unsurprisingly, Emmanuel Macron did not not "Discouraged". Ditto for Edouard Philippe, ex-juppéiste like him, who invited him to lunch this week. But, he insists, "This is not a media coup or a tribune of a Sunday, it is the launch of an initiative that will then be structured, be the subject of statutes and which is intended to take place in the public debate . "

From there to suggest that the operation would have been in fact guided by the Elysée or Matignon, the question bristles the interested party: "You think what you want but I do not think that what characterizes me is the obedience to instructions. And I have a jealousy about my independence that I have shown in the past. "

This association would not be destined to transform itself a political party pile at the moment when the Republicans – of which it resigned at the end of 2017 – live a deep crisis. "We are absolutely not in there. There is no partisan backlash, defends Mr. Bechu. I specify that the decision of all this was taken before the resignation of Laurent Wauquiez and that there is no link. There is a concordance of times that is unfortunate. "

A text published after two weeks of offensive

The publication of this platform arrives however after two weeks of offensive of the executive against the right. In various media, several ministers, such as local authorities, Sébastien Lecornu, the public accounts, Gerald Darmanin, the culture Franck Riester, or MEP Gilles Boyer have urged LR elected officials to move away from their party to support Emmanuel Macron and thus be protected during the next elections. The initiative of Mr. Béchu offers a new way out for these mayors right.

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Despite this context of recomposition, the Republic of Mayors and local elected representatives continues to say above the fray. "We say that systematic opposition has two disadvantages. The first is that it hysterizes the political debate. And the second is that if you say that everything is wrong instead of saying that it is good when it is, the day when there is a point on which it would be necessary to obtain an amendment or a co-construction legislative, you are no longer a credible partner to do so "said Mr. Bechu again.

Success " unexpected " from this platform amazes the latter who assures: "We did not try to make a lot of people by looking for deputies, departmental and regional advisers even though a certain number of them volunteered. " He now thinks that the bar of 100 signatories should be quickly exceeded.

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