Severe weather: Numerous accidents in snow and freezing rain in Thuringia

Numerous accidents on slippery roads

Since noon, the state operations center has registered significantly more accidents than usual. In most cases, sheet metal damage remained until the early evening. Three people were slightly injured and one seriously injured in an accident. According to the police, the car came off the road due to the slippery road near Schleusingen. Even a helicopter was on duty.

Before that there was an accident on the A71 between Ilmenau West and Graefenroda. Nobody got hurt. According to the information, drivers were often too fast on the snowy roads. The police therefore appealed to drivers to adapt to the weather conditions.

In snowy conditions, a car driver came off the road on the local road between Waltershausen and the A4 exit. The vehicle hit a tree. The three occupants were able to leave the vehicle and suffered minor injuries.

Wernigerode: Avoid Harz

Because of the announced weather extremes, the Harz National Park Administration has warned against entering the forests. A visit to the forest could be life-threatening, the administration announced on the website. There is not only danger from falling or falling trees, it can also lead to frostbite, exhaustion and disorientation.

The national park administration based in Wernigerode appealed to the Harz visitors not to endanger themselves or others.

Gera: cemeteries closed

Due to the announced extreme weather, the municipal cemeteries in Gera were closed. The cemeteries will remain closed from Saturday morning until probably Monday morning.

THW and fire brigades are preparing

The fire brigades are also on standby. Snow chains have already been put on vehicles of the weirs in the Kyffhäuserkreis, Erfurt and Weimar. Personnel are not kept on standby, however, as it is still unclear what the fire brigades will face, said Jonas Weller, district fire inspector in the Kyffhäuserkreis, MDR THÜRINGEN.

The Deutsche Bahn announces on its website that the extreme weather will have an impact on rail traffic in large parts of Germany. In the north, long-distance traffic is largely suspended.


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