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Seville, candidate to host the next four Cup finals | sports

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The Andalusian Government has submitted to the Spanish Football Federation the candidacy of Seville to host the next four finals of the Copa del Rey. Specifically, the Andalusian Government has proposed the La Cartuja stadium as the venue for these four finals in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, since the Federation opened last December the deadline to host nominations for the Cup final, which you want it to be for four years. Sevilla will fight with the option of Wanda, the Atlético de Madrid stadium, which has also shown its availability to host these Cup finals.

The Minister of Education and Sports of the Andalusian Government, Javier Imbroda, has exposed it to the media at a working breakfast. “How is it possible that we have closed a stadium five stars? ”, Affirmed the Andalusian leader, putting his finger on the sore in the current situation of the Seville stadium, which is closed to sports because it is under construction due to problems of conservation of its roof. However, Imbroda has indicated that if the Federation, next Friday, decides to accept the Sevillian candidacy, the stadium will host the final without any problems. “If they give it to us, we will put on the helmet and we will arrive,” said Imbroda. The Sevillian candidacy has the endorsement of the Board, the City Council of the Seville capital and the yes of the Diputación is pending. The next final of the Copa del Rey, which this week is playing the 1/16 round, will take place on April 18, as the calendar is compressed a lot this year due to the celebration of the Eurocup. Sources of the Ministry aware of the strength of the Wanda candidacy, although they want to enhance the recovery and use of the Seville stadium. The Andalusian authorities are also considering the possibility of sharing with the Wanda the next four editions of the Cup final (two for each one) if his candidacy is not chosen in the first instance.

The La Cartuja stadium was inaugurated in 1999 and hosted the World Athletics Championships, held that same year in the capital of Andalusia. It had a cost of 20,000 million pesetas. Already in 1999 it hosted the Cup final between Atlético de Madrid and Valencia. It also hosted the final of the 2001 edition, held between Zaragoza and Celta de Vigo. In addition, the Cartuja stadium hosted the UEFA Cup final between Celtic Glasgow and Porto. The scene of numerous concerts and events, the Davis Cup final between Spain and Argentina in 2011 was also played at the Seville stadium. The La Cartuja stadium has a capacity of 57,000 spectators and the Board considers that the installation, together with the infrastructure hotel of Seville, are the basis of a magnificent application. Andalusia, specifically Malaga, next month hosts the final of the Basketball King’s Cup between February 13 and 16.

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