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Sex, Drug and Bank Robbery: The man is accompanied by Stockholm syndrome

A Clark another set about a criminal who becomes a celebrity. True, it does not deny for a moment that it was based on lies, and directed by Jonas Akerlund, who became world famous as a clip director, exaggerating everything to the extent of parody. Fortunately, star Bill Skarsgard can handle that too.

In the Hungarian media, respectively to find space elderly, famous its specialties in his youth on the conquests. Many people are treated with doubt in the first place, but it does not help that these people are forced to recount these heroic deeds again and again, and the more we hear them, the less we believe them. It makes us feel that way Clark series: we see it as many times as possible Clark Olofsson to brag about his conquests, robberies, crazy parties, and the way he regularly makes an idiot of the police and even the Swedish political elite, so much so is our suspicion that this certainly does not happen.

But it also meets the intentions of the creators – there is a warning at the beginning of all six episodes that is “based on real events and lies”. From the point of view of the first Swedish celebrity criminal, Clark Olofsson, the series tells the story of a strange life, but the intention is to show off his real face with an exaggerated story.

Because, no doubt, Clark is the kind of face we would avoid so far: extremely selfish, violent, and self-worshiping, who exploits everyone in his environment only by force, unable to maintain a normal relationship with even the most close to it. , with a weak character who himself doesn’t believe his empty bet that he’s really on the right track right now. Olofsson’s life is accompanied by crime: he starts as a child with sticks, then has robbery, then bank robbery, and later even drug smuggling and color palette attacks. He took advantage of the opportunities offered by the Swedish state’s infinitely liberal welfare prison program, escaped from prison seventeen times and was re-admitted for his next case.

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Clark Olofsson became better known for the 1973 Stockholm bank robbery: it was a case in legal history that the hostages became attached to bank robbers and not only defended their actions afterwards, but did not want to testify against them. Olofsson was, in fact, just drowned in the case, as he was in jail as usual at the time of the bank robbery, but was brought out at the request of his former cellmate, confident that he would help settle the case for the police. . In the end, this is the case, but Olofsson’s role in this is not entirely clear today, although several films have been made about the case: it was most recently covered in a Canadian film in a highly fictionalized form. (Stockholm), Ethan Hawke-kal and And Naomi Rapace in the lead role and becomes a central place in there Clarkalthough there is one but more important station in Olofsson’s life. He was notorious in Sweden before, and even after that he regularly wrote about it. The series follows its history from birth to the mid-eighties, but perhaps we will not reveal a great secret if we reveal it has been in constant conflict with law since.

A Clark Olofsson based on its autobiography and its creators Jonas Akerlundone of the most acclaimed video directors of the turn of the millennium, who pop history like Online Game Smack My Bitch Up a From Prodigya Light rays From Madonna or there My favorite game a From Cardigan. Akerlund’s career as a film director is quieter, though ClarkShell seems to have had the great opportunity and lived with it for the most part. For the most part, the mini-series is like a gigantic video clip with incredibly exhausted visual gags that will certainly be exaggerated. Although to her credit, Akerlund shows up with the first scene what to expect when we see baby Clark in her mother’s womb, already with the adult’s face. The series doesn’t save on sex or nudity either, as Olofsson (Bill Skarsgard) appeals to almost all women who come face to face, usually with success, although they tell us from the beginning that it doesn’t hurt to split everything in two, and they also make it clear that women themselves don’t necessarily experience in. even along with “the world’s fastest lover” Clark deserves a nickname.

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The series is racing at a crazy pace aggravated by the sexual revolution and drug addiction in the 1960s, and the seventies have intensified the craze even more, not to mention the eighties in the cocaine binge, although we’re slowing down a bit in then. . Every single scene, which is very exaggerated and therefore has a satirical effect, with the characters acting only as a cartoon rather than a real one, enhances the feeling that what we are seeing here is a fairy tale. Perhaps it is just a parody of toxic masculinity, as is Clark himself, who constantly humiliates his friends, sees women only as a means, and for life is the most intense experience of sex, drugs, rockandroll trinity, although replace rockandroll with bank robbery. can give us an even more accurate picture of it. The cases here are often more bloody and more spectacular than reality, which on the one hand fits the creative intent, and on the other hand we understand even less how Olofsson can swim his affairs with ridiculous prison sentences of one or two years.

In the end, you may hate Olofsson with constant, forced laughter, and that everyone let him make his idiot all the time, but then the series pulls back the wheel and tries to show protagonist and scanning completely different. Anyone who thinks he is king is meant to be infinitely pathetic, and Akerlund explains Clark’s apparently narcissistic personality disorder and his traumatic childhood, alcoholic father, brutality, and mentally unstable mother. This, in turn, navigates itself into a somewhat distressing situation, as the ending seems to be late to try to save the fact that the previous five episodes are, albeit ironically, about celebrating the glasses of a violent and bloodless criminal all the way. . Today, as a series is made of criminals who have become more celebrities, there Clark although he chooses a different strategy, he forgets that not all viewers are in irony, so there will certainly be many who will really consider Olofsson their hero.

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Eric Broms / Netflix

On the other hand, this solution is infinitely risky, and sometimes the series almost falls apart, making it more and more tedious to walk the prison-escape-flight-flight route again and again. That’s why the big prize is Bill Skarsgard, who really holds the series together in his role as Clark, even though he doesn’t have a very serious character out there. Skarsgard plays teenager Clark, who breaks his wings, as compelling as twenty years later, robbed of nationally renowned banks, which dominate the screen all the way.

Anyway, the series is easy to watch itself, Netflix apparently did not regret the money too, it is fun and we can get beyond the humor a little weakness; The music choice also avoids the usual pitfalls of repeating self, while not wanting to be cool, but digging gems to pop contemporary radio like Two hit it early, there Poppa Joe or the European hit group mostly forgotten, there Secret service and that Oh Susie. The series sometimes evokes rather strange associations (e.g., Clark’s childhood Summer with Monika may Bergman– quote a movie), other times it obviously figured out famous scenes (like the forgotten one) Game Jailhouse Rock-parodies).

The fact that a Clark a set of original tones that, with its flaws, are well above average netflix, but lose so much of its own meta-representation that in the end you may not even know what you mean about a lifelong person accompanied by . Stockholm Syndrome.

Clark, 2022, Episode 6, Netflix. 24.hu: 7.5 / 10

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