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Sex in pregnancy: Everything you need to know

If you are thinking about getting pregnant or have discovered that you will soon be a mother, surely there are many doubts about what those nine months of your life will be. Today we share a topic that is surely part of the list, the sex in the pregnancy and we tell you all you need to know

The first thing that we must make clear is that in case of any change or doubt, you should consult your doctor, as it is the one to determine your state of Health and confirm if you are in a position to enjoy this type of pleasure or not, in the vast majority of cases there should be no problem, but we go in parts do you think?

Even you partner you may feel fear while trying to establish sexual intercourse in pregnancy, your hormones go through several changes so even you sexual desire It can go to extremes, be higher than normal or lower than usual.

Sex in pregnancy: yes, no and why?

As we mentioned, in the vast majority of cases, your baby is not at risk during the pregnancy sex, as it continues its development in your belly, it protects the amniotic fluid of the uterus and uterine muscles, This is what doctors say.

What you will experience is changes in your comfort level and sexual desire, so you may have to resort to sexual positions different from those you used to, including resorting to masturbation as a couple instead of penetration to reach orgasm.

Regarding the safest sexual positions to have pregnancy sex, The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, most positions are safe, even oral sex is allowed. The detail is that both you and your partner enjoy the moment.

Remember that intimacy as a couple does not only imply sex, so it is worth talking to your partner and listen to him to maintain this emotional bond, hugs, kisses, caresses are part of this aspect of the relationship as well.

Contraceptive methods in pregnancy

While a new one can’t happen pregnancy to have sex In this period, a sexually transmitted disease could arise, which could affect your and your baby’s health. For this, it is important to ensure that your partner does not have any intimate infection and neither do you, the doctor will help them determine it.

Health specialists recommend condom use during pregnancy sex in two cases:

  • When the woman is not in a monogamous relationship
  • When the woman has sex with a new partner or several partners during pregnancy.

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Warning signs during pregnancy sex

Much is rumored about the fact that the pregnancy sex It could cause the loss of the baby, but doctors say it is not. Spotal losses occur when the baby is not developing properly in the vast majority of cases.

While, orgasms during the pregnancy cause small uterine contractions, in addition to presenting as a result of breast stimulation and some hormones present in the semen, the sexual activity and consult a doctor if changes such as:

  • Vaginal bleeding without apparent cause
  • Loss of amniotic fluid
  • Premature opening of the cervix
  • The placenta partially or completely covers the cervical opening
  • The woman has a history of preterm labor.

Remember that your doctor will be happy to answer all your questions, so do not skimp, if your partner can accompany you better so that both clear any mystery so that they enjoy pregnancy and pleasure in the healthiest way possible.

With information from Mayo Clinic


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