Sex tape: Paris Hilton on video pressure from her boyfriend: “It was like being raped” | Trends

A scandal ruffled the Hollywood tabloids in 2003, it was a leaked sex video of the famous Paris Hilton with her boyfriend at the time, Rick Salomon

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At that time, the news was filled with the shameful moment for a long time, today that scandal is still remembered.

However, Paris Hilton, in her video ‘This is Paris’, on YouTube, assured: “I only remember that she took out the camera and was pushing me to do it. Like, ‘Oh, you’re so boring. Do you want me to call someone else? No one will ever see it. ‘ It was like being electronically raped. “

She also assured that this happened when she was a teenager and did not make the best decisions.

Hilton assured that Rick Solomon had a plan to filter the video and sell it and that no one noticed the damage that this did.

“Everybody was watching it and laughing, like it was something funny. I was very in love with him, I just wanted to make him happy, “she said.

“After that, all these leaked tapes came out and it almost became a plan to get famous. He didn’t need to do that. He always had a plan, “he said in the video.

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