SFR condemned again to better inform its customers

SFR has a high priority for optical fiber: since the acquisition of Numericable in 2014, the operator with the red square has put FTTH (optical fiber to the box) and FTTB (optical fiber to the base of the building) customers in the same pocket (coaxial cable at the subscriber) and before recently 4G (read: For SFR, fiber is also 4G). Concurrent Access Provider don’t like this artistic blurand Free ultimately lived up to the fact that SFR was better informed about its customers.

In a decision of the Paris Court of Appeal of October 8 transmitted by CapitalSFR is invited to send a letter to some of its “fiber optic” customers indicating that they can unilaterally terminate their subscription with immediate effect because they have not been informed of the exact characteristics of their connection. The ISP should also provide the average speed on the line (not the maximum speed) and the distance to the connection point. SFR is more interested in doing this quickly and at best with a penalty of 500,000 euros per day of delay!

In 2018, Free won its first victory in the commercial court, but SFR had shown ill will in the mail addressed to its FTTB customers at the time: they must have read the small lines at the end of the letter. know that ” Due to the lack of prior information on the exact characteristics of your FTTB offer when subscribing, you can terminate this contract “. All without mentioning termination without notice with immediate effect.

When Free felt the blow, he took his pilgrim’s staff and snatched from the appeals court that SFR needed to be clearer, hence this new letter. During the proceedings before the Commercial Court, the operator of Patrick Drahi defended himself against this lack of FTTH / FTTB information by arguing that ” Consumers are not wondering about the technology, but about very high speed in general. So it doesn’t matter that the network is not an end-to-end fiber, but ends with a coaxial connection. “Insufficient for fairness because the ISP must go beyond the mere mention of ‘fiber optic’ and also refer to the ultimate termination of Internet access.

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