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Just 3 days before the launch of the long-awaited expansion of World of Warcraft titled Shadowlands, Blizzard has released a new and comprehensive guide to what awaits us in this eighth expansion.

Titled survival guide, in the video you will be able to review the requirements you will need to be able to enjoy the content of Shadowlands -outside having purchased the game-, as well as the beginning of this whole story.

As we can see in the video, all players level 48 and above will be called to a meeting in Icecrown by Bolvar, the former Lich King before Sylvanas Windrunner, former Warchief of the Horde, destroyed the helmet of the King Lich and open the portal between the Shadowlands and Azeroth.

Once we complete the meeting with Bolvar, we will be invited to discover what the Shadowlands has in store for us. Likewise, the new four Pacts are involved, that each player, once they reach the maximum level, must choose only one to swear allegiance and in this way they can enjoy exclusive abilities of each Pact, as well as customizable armor.

Regarding PvP, players will be able to enjoy a new arena called Empyrean Domain. You can earn honor and conquest points in PVP, and these can be exchanged for equipment through the vendor located in the new capital city Oribos.

All this and more holds for all the players who are waiting for this new expansion, which had been delayed since its original release date was October 27. Remember that Shadowlands will be released on November 23.

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