Shakira shows off her skateboarding skills in incredible video

Shakira She is one of the most famous Colombians in the world. Thanks to her musical successes, she has managed to position herself on the list of the most listened to artists on the main music platforms, apart from being admired for her beauty.

All her fans have witnessed her great performance as an artist, wife and mother, conforming with Gerard Piqué one of the most mediatic and at the same time most successful homes in show business.

Its versatility is incredible and it has always shown your interest in learning new things, That is why the quarantine was of great help to carry out certain activities that with his usual schedule, he would not have been able to fulfill.

At first, he left his followers with their mouths open after making a publication in which he said that after 4 weeks studying from home, received a virtual degree for completing an ancient philosophy workshop, one of his passions.

“I just graduated from an ancient philosophy course. I know my hobbies are not practical but it took me hours after I put the kids to sleep. Thanks to Plato, his predecessors and the University of Pennsylvania for the “fun” of these 4 weeks “,wrote under a post.

Later he was showing small previews of what became his new hobby during isolation: The skate. The first demonstration was made about 3 months ago, and in recent days he showed how much he has practiced.

On his official Instagram account uploaded a new video where he showed that the practice has worked a lot, because his movements are worthy of a professional and even on several occasions, he sends greetings to the camera while skating.

Is there something you don’t do well? “You are the coolest person on the planet,” I can’t believe you also skate “,” I want to be like you “,” You surprise me more and more “,” You are 43 like this, and me getting tired of breathing at 23 “, have been some of the comments he has received.

The video is already about to arrive at 7 million views on Instagram, without adding the number of views it has on other social networks such as Twitter. Shakira continues to show that it is never too late to achieve goals.

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Juliana Hernandez Monday, 14 / Sep / 2020 3:15 pm


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