Shame on you, tells Kamara, a Scottish lawyer, to the Czech Republic. He wants to extradite Kudel, but it won’t work

Scottish police are preparing documents to accuse Slavist footballer Ondřej Kudela of criminal racist behavior, for which, if found guilty, he could receive a financial sentence or sit in prison for up to half a year. Reuters reports. But it has a catch. Tow cannot be released to the UK without your consent.

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Caption: The incriminating moment of the Prague Slavia match, during which racist words were to be heard


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It was hot during the March match between Slavia Prague and Glasgow Rangers. One of the Scottish attackers kicked the Slavic goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář hard in the head, causing a fracture in his face. And Slavic striker Ondřej Kúdela was to give Scottish striker Glen Kamara indiscriminate remarks. Kamara complained that these were racist allusions. Kúdela allegedly called him a “fucking monkey”.

Kamar’s lawyer, Aamer Anwar, told Reuters that Scottish police had handed over the files to Prosecutor Fiscal, who could accuse Kudel of racist behavior.

“The Scottish police have confirmed that the case of Ondřej Kúdela in the case of the match between the Rangers and Slavia Prague on March 18 was handed over to Prosecutor Fiscal,” the lawyer said in mid-April. Lawyer Anwar was also upset in March that Kúdela had not been arrested directly at the stadium and taken into custody.

He also complained to reporters that, in his opinion, Kúdela was not cooperating with the Scottish police. “We urge Mr. Kudel to cooperate with officers investigating his alleged crimes,” he said.

But it has a catch. The tow may not be prosecuted in the United Kingdom unless it has given its consent. This is how the agreement between the EU and Great Britain is built after Brexit. Vladimír Řepka, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, told the daily Právo.

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“A similar procedure does not allow the transfer of a Czech citizen to the United Kingdom for criminal prosecution or the execution of a sentence without his consent,” he said.

Kúdel’s lawyer Radek Pokorný also emphasized that his client is cooperating with the police. So far, she is collecting data for the March incident.

Kúdela himself admitted that he spoke to Glen Kamara’s address as he should not, but emphatically refused to resort to any racist insults.

“At present, no charges have been filed, nor do we have any information that the public prosecutor is going to do so. The statement of Mr. Kamara’s lawyer should be seen as a media statement that does not fully reflect the reality of the matter, “Pokorný told Práva.

The second lawyer of the Slavic football player Ondřej Kúdela, René Ciencialo, believes that a political game is being played with his client. He spoke in this sense for DVTV internet television.

So far, the whole case is said to be at the level of a statement against the statement of two players from different clubs.

Moderator Michael Rozsypal then asked the lawyer if he saw the whole dispute as a political game, and Cienciala replied clearly: “I’m very sorry to have to say that, but yes.”

“From our point of view, we want to get rid of those emotions and we do everything we can to devote ourselves to that substance. Unfortunately, the lawyer of the other party plays the game more in the media than with those bodies, “he lamented.

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He emphasized that Ondřej Kúdela was definitely not a racist. After all, he usually goes on holiday with blacks, his teammates. In addition, Kúdela turned out to have lousy English, so it is unlikely that he would express himself as Kamara claims.

Lawyers Jiří Matzner and Jaroslav Ortman expressed the opinion that Kúdela did not have to worry about being taken into custody in Great Britain. According to them, it is not very likely that a football player will be found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment.

All the more zealously, Aamer Anwar went to Vratislav Mynar for his letter to UEFA, in which the Chancellor protested against the punishment for Ondřej Kúdel. The lawyer gave him a total of ten tweets, in which, among other things, he accused Mynár of “smelling racism” and that his statement looked like some right-wing extremist. “This letter sometimes borders on madness, and I urge the President of the Czech Republic to distance himself from him,” the Scottish jurist tweeted. He also mixed in the Roma community in the Czech Republic, which, according to him, also feels an atmosphere of fear and racism.

“Shame on you and your denial of the need to kick racism out of football,” he said goodbye to Czech readers.

Mr. Anwar received several angry reactions in Czech and English to this output, which included a sharp message to the Czech Republic. He translated the first ones and then put them all together and presented them to his twitter community.

“After many years, I am a victim of racist attacks again. My life is in danger by extremists just because I do my job. Here is a threatening selection of racist insults in 24 hours from some Slavia Prague fans, “he added.

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