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Share my music without going through Apple Music

Good morning all.
I have a request that seemed simple to me but a priori not that much.
I have a mac Mini with connected and shared DDs on which I have all my movies and music.
I watch my films with infuse: no problem, it works perfectly.
I have all my music classified according to my choice: style, artist, etc., in specific folders.
I was using Plex for music as I was listening to my music on my home theater system through the Apple TV and on my iphone. It worked very well.
But after an update plex becomes chargeable and impossible to read my music libraries.
Question :
Is there a simple way (and free or without subscription) that would allow me to share my music at home on my devices while maintaining the organization of my files?
Itune (music) is unmanageable for me and changes my whole organization.
Thank you for your precious help.

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