Shares rise after a fed cut, oil prices jump


NEW YORK (Reuters) – D 'global equity performance measurements rose within 1% of a high record per day after charging interest rates to the Federal Reserve but concern for raw prices of concern posed a risk of supply Saudi Arabia oil facilities.

Iran warned President U. Donald Trump against being drawn into the all-weather war in the Middle East after the attack on Arabian oil facilities, which placed Washington and Riyadh on Tehran.

The attack left about half of Arabian's raw production and severely restricted the country's spare capacity, easing global oil markets in the event of a breakdown.

“The available global spare capacity is very low at the moment after the weekend attacks, which means there is a small space for extra fractures, which support prices,” UBS oil analysts said, t Giovanni Staunovo.

Brent raw futures, the global benchmark, received 95 cents to $ 64.55 barrel, and rose raw. Intermediate West Texas 31 cents at $ 58.42 barrel.

European banking shares rose by 1.8% while the Swiss franc was the biggest gain in a month after the Swiss National Bank matched the European Central Bank and mitigated the FED on monetary policy.

0.64% were closed up to 600% of the main European shares across Europe, and 0.35% were received from MSCI stocks worldwide.

Gains in Microsoft's Corps shares the S&P 500, the equity benchmark, within a maximum of 10 points and left a rally in bank stocks of European shares after the FED bar set higher rates for Wednesday's further rates.

Microsoft, the largest US stock with a market cap, valued $ 1.08 trillion, $ 142.37 and was trading about 2% higher on the day. The S&P carried out 500 direct trade records of 3027.98 settled in July.

Dow Jones Industrial Media rose 107.61 points, or 0.4%, to 27,254.69. The S&P received 500 13.75 points, or 0.46%, to 3,020.48 and the Nasdaq Composite 53.26 points, or 0.65%, to 8,230.65.

The US dollar fell against the euro, the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen after the subsistence rates of 25 basis points on Wednesday to provide insurance against the growth of weaker global growth and US-China trading tension. recurrence.

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The dollar index fell 0.19% and the euro rose 0.15% to $ 1.1045. The Japanese yen strengthened 0.42% compared to the backglass at 108.02 per dollar.

The results of the Exchequer fell following the division of policy makers as to whether the feed would further reduce rates and the pressures in the short-term funding markets mitigated.

10 year price benchmark notes exceeded 1/32 to increase their result to 1.7857%.

Reporting by Herbert Lash; Edited by Lisa Shumaker

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