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Sharon Stone decided to adopt after nine miscarriages

She had nine miscarriages Sharon Stone-son, she immediately decided to become a mother by adoption. Stone shared this with the world in an Instagram comment People signed one of the magazine’s posts. On the front page of the newspaper Map of Murgatroyd an Australian dancer was introduced to her husband, telling the paper about her three miscarriages. Stone commented on this story, writing in his comments on how difficult it is for an emotional trauma to lose a fetus.

We women do not have a forum where we can discuss the true depth of this loss. I lost nine children due to miscarriage. It is not a small thing, either physically or spiritually, yet they make us feel that we must endure this pain alone and secretly, and even give ourselves a sense of failure due to it, instead of finding compassion. Entrusting women’s well-being and health to caring for a male-centered ideology at the same time means neglect, ignorance and violent repression.

The 64-year-old actress wrote in her comment. Stone has three sons who have been adopted after unsuccessful pregnancies.

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