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she had gone to pick up her grandson from school …

The Tournai Public Prosecutor’s Office returned to the painful accident which took place at around 4.15 p.m. on Tuesday at the corner of the chaussée de Mons and the rue de Mortagne in Pipaix. The lady had picked up her 5-year-old grandson from school. On the return road, coming from rue de Mortagne, she turned left to take the path back to her home in Basècles, but unfortunately, she probably did not see the heavy goods vehicle, an exceptional convoy of 30 tonnes, who arrived and who took the direction of Tournai.

The car was propelled with incredible violence against the facade of the friterie les Lilas. The two occupants had to be extricated. Despite the efforts of emergency physicians, the driver died in the evening at the Center Hospitalier de Wallonie picarde. Her grandson had to undergo a slight operation because of a deep sore in his neck from the seat belt, which probably saved his life.

The victim is Sylviane Schonians, living in Basècles and born on January 24, 1954. She had two children and several grandchildren. To his family and loved ones, Nord Eclair offers its sincere condolences.


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