Monday, 10 Dec 2018

She is more than the beauty of the service

“But what if there is no tomorrow? There was not one today.” For the 60th birthday of the style and acting icon
may one ever quote from “And greets the marmot every day”. In the comedy she played at the side of
(67) the main role. The monotony of the film has not hurt her, on the contrary.

Who came from the jungle

Andie MacDowell can be gentle and sensual, frigid and also a bit jungle. US-American Rosalie Anderson “Andie” MacDowell has taken some hurdles on her way to the top and always wanted to be more than the eternally beautiful on duty. And yet it started exactly with her beauty. In the 1980s, she made it as a model on the cover of “Vogue” and from there in her first film: “Greystoke – The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes” (1984).

Since the Jungle Lady was hard to hide her southern origins, she was in the English original of
(71) synchronized. Was it only moderately successful in the jungle, it was with the help of director
(55, “Ocean’s Eleven”) already much better. With the role of the frigid wife in “Sex, Lies, and Video” (1989), MacDowell dusted off her first of three Golden Globe nominations. It did not clear the price, but the Independent Spirit Award – despite southern accent!

Who says repetitions are boring?

Although she may have been a cinematic nomad at the beginning of her acting career, Andie MacDowell has found her home in the romantic comedy. Be it as a receptionist of Bill Murray in “And every day greets the marmot”, at the side of
(69) in “Green Card – Fake Marriage with Obstacles” (1990) or as a fun-loving American Carrie, in “Four Weddings and a Death” (1994)
(57) twisted his head.

But she does not seem to get rid of the eternal beauty of the service. As an ambassador and face of the cosmetics brand L’Oréal, she returns to her origins as a model. Regular appearances in film and television have become rarer in recent years. In 2015 she was allowed to join
(41) in “Magic Mike XXL” get in touch. In 2017 she appeared in six projects and in 2018 she is back in front of the camera. But one thing is certain: with her dark curly hair and flawless face, she will continue to be one of Hollywood’s most beautiful folks over the age of 60.

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