She throws boiling water at her sleeping boyfriend and uploads him to Snapchat

A woman was arrested by the police for a serious crime. She threw boiling water at her boyfriend, on his face and chest while he was sleeping, and recorded the assault on video. In addition, he uploaded the material to the social network SnapChat, reports the Mexican newspaper The Century of Torreón.

“I could see the skin falling off his arms,” ​​the woman wrote next to the publication. In addition, “he hid the car keys so that he could not go to the hospital,” police officers said. In the end, the man managed to get to the health center where he was operated on with skin grafts, because he suffered second and third degree burns.

The aggressor is named Alexis Skyes and she is 22 years old. When the man left the house on his way to the hospital, she decided to escape, seeing the serious condition in which the boiling water left him. They found her 17 days later, in the state of Mississippi. “From there they took her to Illinois, where she committed the crime, so that she can face the charges,” police officers said.

The judge set him a bond of $ 500,000. Meanwhile, she is held in a temporary prison, awaiting the first presentation before the judge, scheduled for next March 22. (I)

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